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Transition Timeline (Depression, Surgery, Mostly Positive) Show more

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hey so i don't like promoing a lot over here but

GENDERWRECKED is half off for valentine's week

two days left to get it at the frankly ridic price of three dollars

it's real good trust me on this

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(also A+ doordog, would love forever)

#bostondynamics #borderlands #cl4ptp #claptrap

Really starting to feel trapped by my current job.

Anyone need a full-time composer?
…or at least an infosec person?

Any of y'all want a copy of FEZ?
I have a key I haven't used.

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PSA: Having or being a guest in an apartment. Show more

PSA: Having or being a guest in an apartment. Show more

What if sleep? Hm?
How abouts that?

No, not sleep. Sick.

If you've never tried it before, maybe try going a whole day not speaking, see what it's like, see how people react, see what worlds open up for you and which are, perhaps to your surprise, suddenly unavailable.

Also, y'all should learn some sign language. It's a beautiful language, it feels more natural to me, and you never have to compete with background noise.

Is what I have to say actually worth saying? Show more

I've been non-verbal for nearly a month. Show more

I used to talk. A lot. That's what I did. I talked and I made music. Hence "Lindar the Bard". Show more

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Everytime I see "he/she" or "his or her" or whatever I go out of my way to politely ask them to use "they" instead.

There are essentially only two outcomes to this (not counting never getting a response):

1. "Oh, that makes sense. Sure." optionally preceded by "I don't understand what you mean. Could you explain?"

2. Discovering the person/brand/team in qestion is transphobic. Now I can steer clear of them and not support them in any way.

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griping about hypolexics Show more

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