At my next interview I'm going to present as male and I bet you I'll nail it.

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In line with something my sister has been shouting about this morning, if you censor the word or treat it like a slur you are contributing to the marginalisation of people who identify with that word (asexuals and aromantics, for example, who are not included in "LGBT") and erase the decades of work in the 80s and 90s of people who fought to reclaim the use of that word for the sake of inclusivity… just so some people won't be made uncomfortable by having to adjust to the modern accepted meaning.

Well… fingers crossed for good news next week.

Everyone has gone completely AWOL. Couldn't reach anyone by phone or email. I guess I will… find out next week… or something.

This job search is draining my soul.

Can't complete my taxes, need financial help. Show more

Okay, got ex-boss phone sorted out, he can now be contacted as a reference. Assuming that goes well and my talk with the CTO does as well I may have a new job.

I hope someone buys me some celebratory/consolation scotch.
(It's the same scotch.)

Okay, so my very important reference (my ex-boss who actually likes me) has gone completely AWOL, and the CTO of the company I'm interviewing at was supposed to call me today and hasn't yet.

So I get to sit here and wait some more. Yay.

Anxiety: 9/10

I have one small thing that could go wrong, but I'm very close to a job offer.

Just can't get in touch with one of my references, and I'm worried that's going to ruin my chances. :/

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there's gonna be a Crypt Of The Necrodancer x Legend of Zelda crossover on the Switch in spring

holy fuck


Most recent in-person interview:
"We've been looking for about two months. We feel like you're an excellent fit, we just have one more candidate to interview tomorrow, so we will let you know this week."

Fingers crossed. High level of autonomy, small team, room to grow. Wish me luck.

I have an on-site interview tomorrow with a small place in SF.

Kinda refreshing after Roblox put me through some three or four phone calls, a six hour on-site, and then a four hour on-site (an hour and a half train ride away) just to tell me "we liked your hustle, but too junior".

Fingers crossed for this one turning out better.

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me a few days ago: skateboarding in the rain, loses traction and slips on those bumpy yellow things on curb cuts “WHAT EVEN THE FUCK ARE THESE FOR??? ugh… ironically probably some curb cut effect thing im not aware of that benefits disabled people in some way, so im not gonna be an asshole about it”

today’s google sketch: “theyre so blind people dont die in traffic”

me: “oh… how did u know i was wondering about that”

google: 🤷

I'm applying to work at a cafe, because that's how my life is going.

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This is fantastic idea, I hope I can start making this a habit.

I didn't get the job.
Once again, "We felt that you have great potential, but we need someone who can hit the ground running. We'd love to revisit this in the future, though."

I've been told this exact same thing no less than a dozen times in the past six months.

I'm tired, I'm hungry, and I want to sleep in my own bed in my own apartment.

I'm so tired of doing this.

Today begins day four of waiting for a response. Internal sources say I really ought to get a response today, but I'm taking the radio silence as a good sign, because rejections come much faster than this. (The rest of this is me asking for financial aid.) Show more

A recruiter just asked if I'd like to interview for a "Network Architect" role at "Astreya".

Responsibilities include:
• Creating a network from scratch. (Literally running and crimping cables, drilling holes, etc.)
• Establishing and managing a company-wide security compliance policy.
• Physically deploying device security programs.
• On-call tech support.
• Developing in-house security tooling.
• 3rd party software security vetting.
• In-house pentesting and code review.

Wowie, sign me up.

Still no news about the job. Maybe tomorrow.

We are on day three of me losing my mind waiting to find out if I got this job I really want.

Meanwhile, I am lining up more interviews in case this doesn't pan out, but I'm not excited about them. :/

I feel like I'm coming apart at the seams.

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