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I'm starting to settle in the bay area, but I'm still looking for work. If you have leads in Application Security roles, especially with an emphasis on interdepartmental communication and soft-skills, please get in touch. (Remaining content CW: $RQ, finances) Show more

@tamlyn picked out that hoodie for me. She always seems to know where to get the best clothes.

She's also always the best dressed, even when she just throws on some bullshit and PJs.

Where did we buy those hoodies?

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I never really solidly connected with enbies and I realise that's why, but I still feel for that part of my life.

That said…
*extremely ContraPoints voice*
…I still get pissed off about shit like:
• Male
• Female
• Decline to State

No, absolutely not you binary-normative fucks… completely unacceptable. You will not erase people like that, and I will cause a huge fucking stink about it *every time*.

So for a really long time I was like…
"I hate being a boy. I am definitely not a boy."
*consider alternatives*
"Well, I was raised by women, I had girl friends, they were all really horrible and toxic to be around… I don't want to be like them…"

Then I discovered being and made that my identity.

Then one day I spent an afternoon with women who aren't conservative or self-destructive and was like "Oh. Yeah, this feels more correct…" and now I'm a girl but wholly unsure of who I am?

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This is a long thread but I'm almost done. I saved the beat for last: LUNARPUNK
-harder, edgier, darker than solarpunks
-work with space, underwater, underground, late night construction
-much more of a metalic heavy color palette
-are you a goth who respects the solarpunk community but will never ever step within 100 feel of yellow/green/pink? LUNARPUNK.
-not the antithesis to solar, but the nocturnal compliment to solarpunk culture.
-mushrooms too, because they crave death and darkness just like you
-again i repeat BIOLUMINESCENCE
-bats and other creepy crawlies that get eeked at by those flimsy solarpunks are your biffles
-the ideals: the sun is not always there for us, and someone must sleep eventually. When those times come, lunarpunks get to work. Midnight construction, and the knowledge that we must accept all types into our way of life, or suffer the consequences of lack of diversity.

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Passing this along to more creative people that have a better shot at being selected :p
Amtrak Wants to Send 'Real People' on Its Most Scenic Long-distance Routes for Free

The #AmtrakTakeMeThere social media residency program invites anyone looking to share their travel experiences on social media to embark on long-distance train journeys across scenic routes for free.

#travel #writing #photography

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Remember: the red pill in "The Matrix" was based on estrogen pills. Any man who claims he's redpilled is symbolically becoming a trans woman. Facts not feelings, MRAs; if you don't like the facts, find a different metaphor.

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Solarpunk as anticapitalism Show more

I don't have any photos from 2009, but I have a nearly up-to-date transition timeline from 2011 to present. Gotta get dolled up and take some new pics for this year.

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any of y'all got a good chores tracking app that supports multiple people?

my house is in the market for one.

boosts ok!

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huh, some youtube suggestions are super cool! someone made an OpenGL engine for non-euclidean space!
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the people whose couch ive been living on have a beautiful cat and she finally got used to me

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#Tech #racism #sexism #SquareSpace #website

@kavbojka shared a really good read on the racism/sexism going on over at Square Space. Its 100% worth a read and furious anger pacing in your living room.

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do i actually have depression or am i just depressed bc of all the other untreated shit

i need some weed or a fckin road trip or something

Niece needs weed for anxiety and depression.
Anyone have any weed?

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