Made a test video for my transition timeline and I'm shook. 2018 Lindar is way out of 2011 Lindar's league. When did this happen???

I can't sleep because of it.

CW before and after transition.

Small shoutout here:
In case you're looking for a new person to follow, I highly recommend @srera who is an absolute doll, a crowfriend, and my favourite photographer.

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Feeling more confident in myself lately, but directing that energy and being constructive is a skill I'm still developing.

That said, I look heckin' cute in a half shirt!

(CW: eye contact, exposed midriff)

My fitted sheet and I have something in common.

Fucking pray for me getting this job. It actually sounds rewarding.

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i get to see this almost every day now

I didn't get the job. Despite everyone at the company recommending they hire me the CEO decided that I wasn't right for the position.

So I'm going to try to get drunk enough to forget that this week ever happened. Cheap tequila, here I come.

Fun fact: people can also be in long-term, mutually satisfying relationships. doesn't mean "relationship-repulsed" just like ace doesn't mean "sex-repulsed".

Every consumer tech news article I've seen lately:
"How to disable this new feature that we didn't actually bother to consider the utility of."

This is apparently a thing, and then inevitably 6-18 months down the line I see an article "Why the thing we all disabled is actually good." and then people tell me about the thing I've been using since forever.

Major example, motion controls.

Wasteland in Buttonwillow, CA.
(I'm eating licorice.)

I have been so obnoxious for the past five hours.
That's what happens when you put booze in me, though! I get flirty and stupid!

To anyone who wants to say hi: I will be in town until 1340 tomorrow when my bus leaves Diridon.

Fucking nailed my interview. Feeling really good about it.

Holy crap I feel so much better being back in the bay area, even if I'm leaving tomorrow. I missed it here.

I'm headed to SF to do some shopping before my interview today.

@feilen How do we know each other? I can't flippin' remember!

Major score on stacks at Union Station. Just waiting for the bus to take me to San Jose. :3

Who wants to host me for a day or two in the bay area while I interview for a job?

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this rings so true omg "Contrary to common belief, the volume of face-to-face interaction decreased significantly (approx. 70%) in [two field studies transitions to open office plans], with an associated increase in electronic interaction. In short, rather than prompting increasingly vibrant face-to-face collaboration, open architecture appeared to trigger a natural human response to socially withdraw from officemates and interact instead over email and IM." rstb.royalsocietypublishing.or

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