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⚪️ a man
⚪️ a woman
🔘 '; drop table gender; --

and I'm looking for:

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Should I make a mastodon instance @

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Are there any rhythm games out there that use the and if not does someone want to help me prototype one?

Someone buy me Hyrule Warriors… 😭

I like my Google news feed, but it seems completely insistent that I live in either Alberta or Ontario, and keeps showing me news about happenings in Toronto, Canadian politics, and what things are finally on sale or coming to Netflix in Canada.

It can clearly see that I am in Los Angeles right now and haven't left in over a year, and my location history shows that I have never once been to Canada and in fact lived really close to Google HQ two years ago, so…???

What kind of sad lesbian mess is this?

Oh wait, this is my room… shit…

Another productive season in 🐔 Stardew Valley with @srera who totally crushed 🌶 summer with me, and now we're moving on to sprinkler-automating our 🎃 fall season crops, which I'm sure she's grateful for after the messy hodgepodge that was our summer crops. 😅

We also watched 💢 Aggretsuko and it's *so* relatable!!

All in all, I had a nice evening.

Rather excited about a project panning out well in the initial discussion phase. :ghost_owo:

Now I just have to come up with a cool name.

@thefishcrow @masklayer
Okay, I think I'll be making a Monster Pit account as soon as I can think of a cool username. :battery_low: :thumbsup_paw:

Thanks for the advice!

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In other news, I got in on that multiplayer beta update to play with @srera and we CRUSHED it. By day 14 we had a farmed plot >6x bigger than what I could do in single player. Heck, it's half the size of my second-year farm and we don't even have sprinklers.

It gives me a sense of accomplishment I don't usually get in my daily life, it helps me learn to plan chores, and now it's helping me learn to coordinate with someone. It's really rewarding getting to share that with my family.

@masklayer @thefishcrow

I would deeply like to understand why I got the recommendations I did so I can do more or less of that thing.

cybre/glitch/awoo - Seems a bit off-topic? I don't want to be posting lewds in a spot where it's just *allowed*, I guess?

I can't tell if y'all recommended these based on y'all's preference or what you think mine is, but…

blimps - Not into inflation/growth.

Resize Club - I'm 192cm tall, so good choice? Maybe?

Monster Pit - Hells yes, but why this recommendation?

Think I might set up a separate account for lewds, but I'm not sure which instance would be appropriate. Recommendations/Advice welcome.

Does anyone know of a good tracker to run on the ? I have the gear to load something up, but zero know-how.

I really really want to be able to reset the VRC6 pulse phase in and apparently there's just no way to do it.
( You have to disable the channel in order to do it. )

It's very frustrating because there's a specific thing I want to do with the phase as an effect.

Griping about phones and having a corporate job. Show more

Apparently my sister's off-again-on-again girlfriend came up with the idea of an all/predominantly trans girl band called "Lesbian Sausage Festival" and now that's the name of sister's side-project, so I decided to do some promo art.

[ CW: mildly lewd implications, but nothing worse than what you might find on a billboard ad ]

She's still working on a sound, but it's slowly moving along.