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i tend to get quite affectionate and flirty sometimes, usually i just do it out of habit since it's my go to response for a lot of things. if you get uncomfortable with these kind of things it might be best to not follow me ^^;
and if you do follow me and and i get a little too affectionate for your likings please, please let me know and i will stop. making people feel uncomfy and angry is the last thing i want to do, trust me.

porter robinson in: porter robinson, the porter robinson album starting porter robinson and andre 3000 is also there for an unknown reason

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why do this many people want to see my nonsense im

i am so close to 200 followers asjsdkhdjsfksghfgjhdfh

i got some work done but then i got distracted again whoops

i think now is a good time for a short break / walk to try and get my mind focused again

siphonay is not an xbox

he is a microsoft direct x console

Me as a kid: I can't wait to grow up, you can do whatever you want!!!

Me right now, making chicken nuggets at 12.15 AM: I was absolutely right this is dope as fuck