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if a church takes over a charity does it become a holy-owned subsidiary

Someone help @chr come up with a use for (which is a domain that they own)

The A record tells you where your site is
The AAAA record does the same but louder

Hey friends, if you're not disabled please could you answer the questions on this anonymous spreadsheet for me?

Or if you know someone who isn't disabled the please pass it on to them to fill out. I'm collecting research into what non-disabled folks do in their "spare time" and trying to figure out how best to "motivate" them to help disabled folks do things that are hard/stressful.

someone make an so we can have @import, @class, @property, etc.

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Still looking for a carpool down to GDC! Is anyone going from Seattle to SF who'd be able to spare a car seat?

Hey, kids/young adults who love standing in front of their amps & PA systems during performances:

PLEASE pay attention to the killjoys who tell you to get decent hardwearing earplugs / disposable classic foam plugs while playing.

Because living with tinnitus will start to ruin your life in a big way, and if tinnitus gets beyond tinnitus...well...yeah it's awful.

At the end of the day, you don't wanna be like me with 30% hearing in their left ear in my mid-20s just cuz teen me was ignorant af.

i would like to build a pcmcia shell for an rpi zero since I heard that pc cards can communicate over USB... has anyone seen any related projects or docs I can look at for some ideas?

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As part of my research for my #LibrePlanet2018 talk:

Those of you who had formal education for programming: how many of you were taught about any sort of ethical issues as a core part of your education---as a _part_ of the material, not alongside it? And how many were taught about ethics as an aside, or separate course?

Please include your educational institution/organization/resources. Feel free to e-mail me at if you don't want to respond publicly. If you are an educator that teaches about ethics in the classroom or in your materials, I'd love to hear from you as well.

welcome to microsoft windows. would you like to:
- defrag your hard drive
- degauss your hard drive (default)

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