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Oh my god I half-thinkingly searched google for "biggest country artists" (meaning popularity obviously) and this is what it gave me

My take on DoH is that it will end up being used in a user-hostile to prevent DNS-based ad/tracker blocking solutions like pihole. With DNS over 53/UDP, DNS based ad-blocking solutions are a trivial firewall rule that can be made even on consumer routers.

With DNS over TLS, it's only a matter of time until adtech vendors and other privacy-invading beacons are using DoH/DoT to prevent users from inspecting & blocking these beacons through certificate pinning + traffic obfuscation.

what's up gamers, just called into a conference bridge using a Game Boy Camera with SGB borders as my webcam

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Heck, if you venture outside where you're supposed to, you can find and fight the god of this world, and the visuals/audio really sell that well. This whole theme just SCREAMS "You should not be here - you are tampering with forces beyond your control."

c++ is normal and has a completely ok build system

hi! I added a new sticker (finally!!) to the wobscale sticker emporium

it's sky rose's trainsgender pride flag!

fill out a form and I will mail you stickers

I think a lot about how raw pistachios will just randomly combust if they sit in large enough piles

Only use -Wall if you want to remove (-) memory protection (Walls).

Everyone knows about the Fun Safe Math compiler flag, but you also need to make sure you turn on the -fPIC flag for your Platform-Independent Code, and -march on non-pipelined processors (to make instructions March in single file).

My 64drive arrived! And my pipeline works on real hardware! Sorta!

For real, poly people deserve basic fucking rights like:

* Inheritance
* Marriage and divorce
* Having multiple parents listed in vital records (birth parents and others raising the child)
* Not having child protective services visits or your kids taken away
* Adoption
* Society not assuming the default relationship configuration is two for life
* Letting all members of a polyamorous relationship visit you in hospital or pick kids up from school

Rights couples take for granted...

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