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liffy πŸ’œ

I've always liked Waluigi. He just has this je ne sais wa

I remember learning in sunday-school a tale about early Christians, in the years when they were bootstrapping and still persecuted for their beliefs. Upon meeting a stranger, they would draw a little curve in the sand with their toe, and if the stranger responded not with bewilderment but by drawing the other half of the fish (you know, the one you see on the backs of minivans) they knew it was safe to talk Jesus.

for queer nerds today, i think that protocol starts with "omg I love your pins!!"

speaking Real English is and always has been a radical act grounded in refusing the normative lexicon and corpus and models of knowledge-production handed down to us by our oppressors and instead creating our own, and that's why the fuck we swear so much

When I removed Twitter from my phone, I put a meditation app (Oak) in its place on my home screen.

Now, every time I tap the app out of habit, I do a breathing exercise instead of read shitty news.

whatcha gonna do with those money dollar bills

Some Wind Waker fan art after watching Geop's LP of it.

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let's play "geno"
haven't been able to do much except sketches lately;;

#mastoart #digitalart #sketch #supermariorpg

Good news: Facebook's web traffic has dropped by almost half in the last two years

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