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In Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3, the message shown when World Extra 2 is unlocked misspells "opened" as "opeeed". t.co/tMpELRTUcq

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@Nezchan but that'll just make their campaign contributions tax-free! they'd be all over that if they were allowed to :p

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I have started on the final (hopefully) draft of the design for the clock I’m working on. Going full sized on this drawing. While I am starting off with a protractor, compass, and ruler, a lot of it will be designed a bit more organically.

The design itself will combine some of the elements of the various sketches I did, with a fox on the moon, and stone representations of the planets tangled in the branches of a tree. A lot of the details need to be worked out though.

In the meantime, rest.

Wow the Detective Pikachu movie poster looks great

@iliana they could be πŸ‘€ dead-tree paperwork doesn't have unicode codepoints after all

when making a dialogue mod for the legend of zelda: the wind waker, don't forget to replace "Din's Pearl" with "The Borb Orb"

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