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liffy πŸ’œ


oh MY GOD retroarch + obs can be a chore. anyway i think the tech is finally worked out so here we go with a stream of Little Nemo on the NES

special guest star: my friend norah
this is a favorite game of her childhood

norah: "excuse me, the full title is Little Nemo: The Dream Master πŸ€“"


The "no true Scotsman" fallacy is... Show more

(no (i was (defining (schemed (lambda))) that's (what (i call) (function closures))))

RT Don't buy a Huawei phone as the company will stop providing bootloader unlocking for all new devices - #FreeYourAndroid

@cassolotl mine has trouble standing up but they try their best and are still very cute

doctor who moment, weird Show more

I want "<subject> in <language>" tutorials that have options at the top:

* "I don't know about <subject>, please teach me about it"
* "I have learned <subject> in other languages, please teach me how <language> does it"