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@iliana yum-updateonboot would actually run a yum update at like.. runlevel 3 ish. and if the kernel updated, it would reboot. that way you don't log in, do an update, and then find out you've gotta reboot anyway.
long story short i'm setting up a computer for mom and i want her to not have to think about maintenance

wait did fedora get rid of yum-updateonboot :( weh

unsung heroes of early programming: the many women who, as factory weavers, assembled programs on rope memory.

interviewers expect us to implement linked lists on whiteboards because they are fundamental, but not weave or knit programs??? idgi.

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Oh. My. Gods... It's finally over!! #Splatfest for #Splatoon2 is finally over. And the nerve-wracking moments to find out whether love won out over mindless capitalism are over as well.

And... Love won!! :'3 #TeamLove WON!! :'D <3

We showed them who's boss... We told capitalism to go f*** itself...and we won!! :D <3

Now we must continue this fight in the real world!! ‘‘Viva la Revolución!!

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Reminder that
β€’ Pong was not the first computer game
β€’ Pong wasn't even Atari's first arcade game, that was Computer Space, which was a clone Spacewar!
β€’ Pong was also a clone
β€’ Pong's only "first" was being commercially-successful

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the entire gender api thing is pretty shit even without the transmisogyny, since it sounds like it'd double down on all the questionable assumptions programmers have about names (cf.

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It's, like, so five minutes ago.

my jokes are like a volleyball round. let me explain with a 3 part toot thread.

Many of the people using Slack for political organizing and activism are not fully aware of how Slack falls short in serving their security needs. Here are some things to consider. source:

banned from the boba place for repeatedly insisting that they change their slogan to "tea is stored in the balls"