There exists one piece of in-game evidence in favor of the widespread Internet joke that Yoshi does not pay his taxes: in Fortune Street, Yoshi is the only one out of 26 characters that requests to be exempt from paying taxes when the player builds a new tax office.

@ziphi it's a pretty common thing to see men become feminists on a too-little-too-late basis in act 3 when they have a daughter and start seeing the world through her eyes. staying hopeful that's what happens for you too. πŸ’œ

@ziphi it shouldn't have had to fall onto your shoulders or come to this point in the first place... hopefully knowing how these things affect you will at the very least give him pause about believing them so readily, i guess. :<
*sends lots of hugs*

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if you're not running bleeding-edge Mesa are you really running the open source drivers?

"On Smart TVs" by Bruce Lawson

"TVs are meant to be dumb" – couldn't agree more. Buying a smart TV and not connecting it to the internet is a good idea.

@hierarchon yea, i made "lifnintendo" just for my Switch. (it crossposts to @lifning :p)

Ooh, I love the most recent Perry Bible Fellowship comic.

hey y'all, time for a job post. i am:
- in the bay area
- seeking a first-time software engineer-ish position
- fresh out of a coding bootcamp for women (hackbright!)
- queer, proudly ⚧
- wanting to work with OSS somehow
- interested in more ethical tech
- feelin' good, feelin' great, how are you? 🌱

pls share?

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