@ky0ko yeah i am pretty sure that like, bsnes-accuracy is more similar to the fpga emulators than it is to snes9x (or at least zsnes)

terminology nit: Analogue's products and the MiSTer are FPGA-based *emulators.*

the "it's not emulation" angle is dishonest Analogue Nt marketing, latching onto existing FUD from Nintendo and ultimately just poisoning the well.

(there are architectural differences in their implementation compared to that of purely-software emulators, of course, but they are not so different as to transcend the category altogether, just as low-level and high-level software emulators have substantially different design and implementation patterns)

mozilla / general pessimism 

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@artemis the fact that phones are glued together and non-serviceable is the bigger design pattern causing this tbh, more than any one component being flawed. if literally no parts can be replaced by the end user then they *have* to buy a new one if *any* part is flawed. and of course most li-ion batteries are eventually gonna be the limiting reagent one way or another

@lifning@cybre.space the lack of reliability is what bothers me the most. as it is, i already have to worry about which charger works with which device, so we're already back to dedicated power supply levels of inconvenience. but at least with brainless dc supplies i don't have to worry about oops, i plugged the phone charger in too slowly or at a weird angle, now it's going to complain i'm using an Incorrect Charger and trickle charge at 100ma or something

this is to say nothing of my phone whose irreplaceable battery doesn't even last an hour off-charger any more. thanks planned obsolescence

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@natalie yeah if your protocol's "pls give electricity? :blobreach:โ€‹" request format isn't "completing a circuit" you can miss me with that over-engineered mess. i just want to power my shit reliably but apparently it's too much to ask that our world not regress technologically

๐Ÿšฎโ€‹ USB-PD

my phone randomly decides when it does or doesn't want to acknowledge being plugged in to this charger. no other device has this behavior, no other charger has this behavior, nobody implements the spec correctly anyhow. what a shitshow. bring back the fucking random assortment of barrel connectors at this point

250 of us have been laid off from Mozilla this morning.

If you have openings or can offer assistance, please use the #MozillaLifeboat tag!

My friend was helping people as a street medic when Austin Police fired a non-lethal round that basically shattered her hand.

She's still hoping folks can assist with her medical costs. โค๏ธ


my atreus from @technomancy arrived yesterday! designing a layout which is compatible with my muscle memory from my ergodox ez is an interesting challenge for sure, it's forcing me to think harder about how to more efficiently use the keys I have

@dzuk I've actually used the 3d pad to play emulated GameCube games, depending on the game it can actually be nicer :3 (macro C + left analog = right analog, everything else maps 1:1)

'course the 3D Pad was kinda the optional/afterthought controller, the main Saturn pad was more like the Genesis 6-button. one thing i didn't like about *that* was the weird mouse-clicky shoulder buttons...

@dzuk :nights_smirk:โ€‹:zwj:โ€‹:thinking_very_hard:โ€‹ heard u were talkin shit

@dzuk how successful does the platform have to have been to be included? (fire tv? ....ouya?)

it's very neat to look at the sort of vague hereditary relationships as each company develops its own designs further & copies the others' homework :p

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