gaming - personalizing your gameplay experience with cosmetics obtained via microtransactions

- modding memes into old gamecube games

gaming - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch

- (when I Switch into the) Wild Wild Breath

[image cw: spider-like object]

i ordered some tea and didn't even spell my name for them, and can i just say wow, they certainly give you good service at this cafe

A piece of history on display here today at Nintendo's PAX booth. This is the only SNES Classic ever manufactured.

s/o to this silly sketch i made when sonic mania came out

(i'm referencing this decidedly old meme because i'm on team retro for the rn)

(the actual goal is to remove them entirely, like so (notice i'm picking "start from event" from my completed file, but still no cutscene happens))

modders are asleep time to replace every single fucking cutscene in journey of dreams with octopaw πŸ™

so looking at adapting my old Wii-era Sonic .one archive tools for the possibility of modding it, i noticed Journey of Dreams has an interesting magic string in its version of the format...

and it also has commented Lua code that may be what drives the overall structure of the game, perhaps allowing cutscenes to be removed easily...


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