:yoshi_eat:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_mid:​:yoshi_tongue_end: :yoshi:
trust no one not even yourself

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@lifning no idea why but this gave me an idea. what if: :yoshi_tongue_mid: , but for every one of the Unicode box drawing characters

@lifning This makes me want official matrYoshika dolls. It's Yoshi's all the way down.

@JigmeDatse it's cloudy and rainy, which has me plenty hydrated, but I'm getting hungry...

:flow_dangerous: wahaha! got you! I was a all along!!

@lifning ShihS would win as its forward-facing eyes indicate that it is a predator, as opposed to YooY's side-facing eyes

@HTHR ah yes, but yooy has at least two tails, two hands, and two small pink predator friends, all to shihs' zero

@wakest zero-width spaces between the emojo! here's one: "​"

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