liffy πŸ’œ

I'm so sorry. I had to do it. Lyrics in attachment description.

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@lifning I hope everyone appreciates how clever a one-consonant replacement "sea blue" was to describe the zora tunic in this


🎢 you'd think I would know


to make Link just sink instead of swim without getting my iron boots out 🎢

i had this idea in the shower just now and i will not apologize for my art

also i literally had to boot up my console to record the sfx from the sound test because i couldn't find any online

& the picture of her in a sonic t-shirt was one hell of a coincidence that i just happened to find along with the instrumental track

all i wanna do is (dualize) and (paraloop) (star) and take ya money
all i wanna do is (ring) (ring) (ring) (ring) and (ring) (chip) and take ya money
all i wanna do is (night over)

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