dear authors of chat programs: please stop putting one-click buttons for voice and video calls in easy-to-accidentally-press locations. at least make it a submenu, or add a conformation dialog before calling. terrible, terrible user experience.

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on the @matrix client for android, the send button *becomes a 📞 * when the text field is empty. hope your touch didn't register twice!

@lifning offenders: basically every client which supports voice and video calls

@lifning I absolutely did not do this to someone just a week or two ago, oh no

@lifning oh my god. yes. every time i have ever used the video call feature in facebook messenger or snapchat it has been because one of us hit the button by accident.

@lifning also lets not talk about that one time i accidentally skype called 14 people in india at work

yeah um i am definitely trying to forget that ever happened

@lifning @matrix what about Wire app, it's an excellent option for secure and private messaging, check it out

@lifning It's surprising how often an otherwise amazing program is ruined by poor UI. x-x;; I'm with you all the way on this one!!

@lifning Maybe a good solution would be requiring a hold press to make it easy to call intentionally but hard accidentally.

Or maybe a swipe gesture like for unlocking phones.

@lifning Every time I accidentally hit the call button in Riot on Android, I'm like "thank GOD it has a secondary prompt afterward ._."

@Skirmisher @lifning honestly on touch screens these should be behind at threedot menu at least

@chr Discord actually fixed this! The call button used to be top-level in DMs on mobile, but now "start call" and "start video call" are both in the overflow menu!

@lifning one click message send! One click voice call! One click video call! One click “last item on photo roll”! One click “whatever your selfie cam is looking at”! One click “send naked pictures to the largest group chat you’re in”! 2018 is time for one click convenience

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