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Tomoko Sasaki, the main composer of into Dreams, also voiced this intro card...
...and the Chao in the Sonic Adventure series.

Speaking of , here's a nice little interview that was in the HD remake.

Most times you see psychology being studied by a game dev, it's for manipulative reasons, to figure out how to get players addicted to lootboxes and whatnot. But here, it was for the art.

Also, shoutouts to an enby protagonist in a flagship AAA title 1995. The symbolism in the level design has things to say about gender roles, too - albeit through dream interpretation, not words.

liffy ๐Ÿ’œ @lifning

Ever think the particle effects and shaders used in the attract mode intro of Adventure 2: Battle were a bit much for the ? You'd be right. Here's the overlay they cheated with, combined with the audio track for your viewing pleasure.

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