Back to the Future

i'm honestly surprised that 1 beat 2 here

@lifning somehow I have seen part 1 and 2 multiple times but only part 3 once. It took me many viewings of part 1 and 2 to ever get around to part 3.

I think young me just thought "westerns boring"

actually, the thing that did get me to watch it? was prepping to play Back to the Future: the Card Game.

@The_T yeah i feel ya, i was all about the first two as a kid and the third one i'd still watch/rewatch but not as often, but i dunno if that's because it's not as good as a movie or if it's simply because i was more into sci-fi aspects being applied to more relatable settings than the old west

@lifning counter-point to all this: there is a 1st Doctor Doctor Who serial set in the old west and it's one of my favorites (it's very funny and stupid, but it all just works)

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