i had never noticed this about zsnes before last night.

pay close attention to the shadow rendering on all the UI elements (menus, mouse cursor, dialogs).

every element in the UI has a *depth* and the shadows fall on each thing in the stack appropriate to how deep they are in the screen!

this is all in tightly-optimized handwritten x86 ASM pixel drawing code running on DOS-era hardware from the 90s, just to add a detail that makes the interface *subconsciously* more pleasant and intuitive but won't be noticed by 99%+ of people.

nowadays we all have powerful GPUs in devices of all sizes and they're all wasted on a design landscape that's a flat, solid-color, sea of low-contrast nothing.

(nobody should use zsnes for emulation in 2021, btw - not only is it horrendously inaccurate, there's also a VM escape vulnerability kicking around in it. but it's got some lovely stuff in its GUI!)

your brain usually processes and filters out shadows automatically for you unless you're really paying attention to what you're looking at.

there's so much about how we as living creatures intuit and understand what we're looking at just sitting there in our brains.

the concept of "3D" user-interface elements (even the buttons and such in Windows 9x that have light/dark borders on the upper-right/lower-left to give the illusion of being slightly raised count in this) seems to be largely falling out of favor and i hate it

@lifning oh my god I used that program so much and I never noticed this!! This is great.

And yeah I am a big fan of 3D shaded UI elements and losing the light/dark border edges is something that still bugs me to this day. Buttons just don't look like big clicky buttons anymore.

@lifning I was told that the flutter team wanted to use physically based rendering for UI shadow rendering

Seemed like nonsense at the time, but... hmm

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