how many world records do you think we'd have to figure out how to collectively set before we'd set the world record for the most world records set by a single group over a period of time

there are a few variables so feel free to optimize to any you choose, but be ready to defend your choice.

bartleby gregor, a group of one who received zero world records instantaneously, is an outlier adn should not be counted.


@djsundog the world record for fewest world records held by an individual keeps changing hands faster than anyone can keep up with

@lifning that just broke the world record for most individual holders of a single world record in succession

@aschmitz @lifning @djsundog who must be exactly the right size to avoid having their smallness be a topic of interest

@lifning @djsundog clearly the play here is to get a large number of individuals to contribute to a single world record, so each one can be considered to hold a fraction of the record

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