next year can we have a Trans Day of Audibility where everyone *listens* to trans people

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@lifning Trans Day of Tangibility where it's legal to punch TERFs

@lifning Care to share recommendations for trans musicians here?

@be i meant "listen to" more along the lines of 'what trans people say', but sure! a few off the top of my head

Wendy Carlos, who did foundational work on early synthesizers -

Christa Lee, who's composed for a bunch of video games, as well as creating some great vaporwave and Sega-themed stuff

Laura Les of hyperpop band 100gecs - and honestly most of the big names in the hyperpop genre.

Jordan Raskopoulos, lead singer of comedy rock group Axis Of Awesome

Laura Jane Grace of punk rock group Against Me

@lifning Thanks for the recommendations! Here's another trans woman who makes great ambient synth music:

@be @lifning Lena Raine, the creator of the Celeste soundtrack (among others)

@lifning the day when trans folks all open their windows to scream for 24 hours

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