hey yall i just got a hot new idea for an app

its icon is a blue-cyan circle with white detail, and its only purpose is to make it slightly harder to find every other app on your home screen

all of these except discord and dropbox and steam and the android builtins are good apps, btw

but jesus christ give my eyes something - anything - distinct

@lifning Now reskin it all to a yellow theme for more energy!

@lifning It was a little nicer when Android was fine with apps having custom shapes but now Google has been pushing for all apps to have circle or rounded square icons and I hate it

@lifning hold on I got a few more for you (I'm also a bit colorblind which makes this worse for me)

@lifning blue their house with the blue little icons and and a blue circle and everything is blue for them and themself and everybody around

@lifning why do you think blue is dominant?

Or is it, actually?

heyl, studies about this would be funny… πŸ˜†

@rugk probably because the entire industry is a soul-crushing game of follow-the-leader and nobody wants to pay artists to put thought and care into things

@lifning @rugk I want to frame this toot and hang it on the wall of every tech company

@viv not to worry you were just following industry standard best practices :flow_wink:

@lifning but it's such a ~consistent theme an style~ tho! it's... *wipes a tear from their eye* it's beautiful~

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