casting a net over 'people without pronouns in their bio' will put 'people still in the closet' and 'people still questioning' and 'trans people for whom it is not safe to say so online' in the same group as 'cis people.'

excluding such people causes pressure that makes their early interactions with communities that should become the basis of their support networks feel unsafe, even adversarial

while it's a thing to encourage for people that feel safe doing it, do not shame people you don't know over it.

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@lifning Also, since when are we about forcing people to put /more/ self-identifying information on the internet?

Right on!! Less info online is better in my world... Cheers! :)

@lifning I remember putting pronouns on Birdsite for a while, but then just had it blank forever because basically that boiled my options down to either lying, coming out, and/or being wrong about stuff I wasn't really sure about.

Lousy options all around really :thaenkin:

@lifning fortunately I haven't seen this sentiment in any of my circles. there are no rules for how to identify or present on or offline. everyone has their own motivations just don't be mean haha

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