Who ο½—ο½ο½•ο½Œο½„ ο½—ο½‰ο½ŽοΌŸ

:flow: :utena:

Who ο½—ο½ο½•ο½Œο½„ ο½—ο½‰ο½ŽοΌŸ

:chaos_emerald_indigo: :chaos_emerald_green: :chaos_emerald_silver:
:chaos_emerald_red: :chaos_emerald_gold: :chaos_emerald_violet: :chaos_emerald_blue: :thwimp:

all seven one crushy boi

Who ο½—ο½ο½•ο½Œο½„ ο½—ο½‰ο½ŽοΌŸ

:crt_w_green_lines: :mail_smirk:
arbitrarily many one court
systems with order
the wrong name

Who ο½—ο½ο½•ο½Œο½„ ο½—ο½‰ο½ŽοΌŸ

🍑 :yoshi:
mochi yoshi

Who ο½—ο½ο½•ο½Œο½„ ο½—ο½‰ο½ŽοΌŸ

:macos: :loading:

this but as a splatfest where both teams have invisible ink

octolings use vim, by the way. they pronounce it as the Japanese do:

Who ο½—ο½ο½•ο½Œο½„ ο½—ο½‰ο½ŽοΌŸ

:bone: :hello_joe:
bone phone

Who ο½—ο½ο½•ο½Œο½„ ο½—ο½‰ο½ŽοΌŸ

:oh_no: :mario_awe:

Who ο½—ο½ο½•ο½Œο½„ ο½—ο½‰ο½ŽοΌŸ

:rondoudou: :fatpikachu:

Who ο½—ο½ο½•ο½Œο½„ ο½—ο½‰ο½ŽοΌŸ

🚯 :dont_at_me:

@lifning you got at least twice as many spaces per tab, ideally four, so obvs spaces will win

@noiob but the tabs have invisibility powers stolen from the spaces AND can change in size to suit their mood

@lifning if you actually wanna depate this I have a very compelling argument imo, but I'd rather not dump it on you if you don't wanna

@noiob an argument about which one would win in a fight or which one is better for development,

@lifning which one's better for development, I haven't seen either fight

@noiob I'll pass :p fwiw I prefer spaces unless the language is Tab Orthodox like Makefile and Go

@lifning I also prefer spaces, but I used to be a tabs kinda guy

@lifning @noiob they're quick and nimble when they need to be
they can float through the air
and climb up trees
@lifning Reminds me of a story of a Space Laser or Airsoft session between Emacsiens and Vi-ers.

@lifning The color scheme works out. Do game developers use emacs/vim?

@besserwisser a lot of them do! depending on the platform you're building for and such, you sometimes get locked into various IDEs, it all depends.

@besserwisser in the past Nintendo had shipped a version of Metrowerks CodeWarrior in their SDKs, along with a more Unix-styled toolchain, so you did have the option.

@lifning Assuming proper EV training and breeding, my money is on the Jigglypuff. Given an eviolite as a hold item, the Jigglypuff would be a good defensive pokemon, with very high HP. Rest can be used to restore lost HP, Sing to disable the opponent, and one or two attack moves like Rollout or Dig would work excellently against a Pikachu.

However, the Pikachu, given a light ball, would be far better as a glass cannon, dealing high damage quickly.

Yes, I know I'm over-analyzing this.

@blackle at first I thought this was a hardline anti- 🚯 , pro- :dont_at_me: stance, but then I realized that this reply necessarily was an @ as well :flow_think:

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