yes hello, I recently purchased some adapters from you and they aren't working, can I speak to a technician

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@lifning "Bliss box 4play" is way more lewd than the name of a retro controller to USB adapter needs to be

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hey does anyone know how i can get a hold of reggy nintendo? his game isnt working with my lock-on cartridge. i've tried everything.

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save money on laser printing by using your existing laser mouse

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hi, i emailed earlier about having trouble trading my pokémon via transfer pak? yes i'll hold

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fuck capitalism pay me to make photos of game console crimes all day

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@lifning Try hooking it up to an Atari 2600 it works with Genesis controllers

@lifning wait why on earth does a saturn-controller-to-hdmi adapter even exist

@Felthry so there's this product called the "Bliss Box" that is a multipurpose retro controller to USB adapter. as it turns out, it's easy to source a lot of HDMI plugs and sockets relatively cheaply, and they have lots of pins and are somewhat sturdy and easy to use. So they make the Box accept an HDMI plug (but just for the pins, not speaking HDMI protocol) and sell a bunch of cheap HDMI-to-${console} cords for the different console controllers you might want to use with it! :)

Noch üblere Story aus dem realen Leben: 

@lifning woa a scepter to save the internets right there

@lifning I think you need to stack two 32x to play N64 games

@lifning They forgot to add the SNES modem to the stack so that they can download the latest firmware for the adapters.

@lifning You gotta use an original model SNES, not a SNES Jr. Hope that helps!


this is proof technology as we know it has plateaued

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