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๐Ÿ“Œ i've got a bit of a follow request backlog 'cos of that poem (and i'm a bit slow to process it, since i like to check out each person's instance first), sorry if i take a while to get to you, but feel free to request anyway~

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Ever think the particle effects and shaders used in the attract mode intro of Adventure 2: Battle were a bit much for the ? You'd be right. Here's the overlay they cheated with, combined with the audio track for your viewing pleasure.

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Sans Undertale; lif doing a music Show more

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in the interest of completeness here's the uninterrupted Zelda DX attract mode too

optimization: we now pipe framebuffer data directly into an ffmpeg process running alongside the emulation, rather than exporting a folder full of image-%05d.png files that get assembled after-the-fact.

so now you all get to see the gif thar prompted all this
please enjoy
i spent hours figuring out how to best allow you all to see these birbs

using vlc to listen to music while coding because lazy

click on a media file produced by the code you're testing (spoilers it's owl statue's baby sister) and interrupt the song

not one of my brightest moments

What is a configuration panel?
A miserable little sea of checkboxes.

When you're learning by example, remember the UNIX developers' mantra: "Make it run, then make it right, then make it good" - and remember that a lot of what ends up in production stops with "Make it run".

Lessons the tech industry needs to learn:
1) you are not steve jobs
2) steve jobs wasn't steve jobs either
3) you don't really want to be steve jobs anyway
4) he sucks

My GPL advocacy is motivated in part because I think of myself as a user of software before a developer of software.

I want everyone granted the four freedoms with all code because it's painfully frustrating when they're taken from me. Users are "us" versus software manufacturers who are "them."

I wonder if GPL opponents see things differently, with software developers as "us" versus users as "them."

my roommate: "if you have a humidifier and a dehumidifier in the same room, you can transmit water wirelessly"