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Making a new thread for my GBA Rust programming series to replace the stream-of-consciousness one I used to have pinned.

Basics of tiled 16-bit graphics:
An absurd approach to asset processing:
Fun with blending and raster interrupts:
Music playback and realtime Vorbis/FLAC decoding:
Dealing in the "Software" without restriction:

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i was supposed to be an artist but i got mixed up with computers at a young age and never recovered

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hackers (1995 feature film) describes a utopia where the principles of user interface design are taught on day 1 of high school, as opposed to the real world where they're taught on day never of nowhere

think in one hand and pray in the other and see which fills up first

eye contact 

saw this on twitter and i just... i want these shirts

It has been zero days since a piece of software has required me to accept the GPL in order to run it

r/traa post, may contain sensitive content (without image description) 

[OC] As early as i could have

excuse me Android Gboard????

try to swipe the word "toybox" and it puts in "youjizz"
backspace and try again and it puts in "Roblox"

(i have all dictionary personalization features disabled, so this is stock behavior - and even still, I've never typed either of those words on this phone before this, fwiw)

Google certainly has a corpus for this thing huh

in the old days before tailscale we called them exeunt nodes

the future computer storage technology will be a line drawing of a cylinder. in order to store data on it, a double-ended arrow points to it, labeled with the word 'data'

fascist 'real name policies' have no place in free software

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