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After several months of intensive research and development, I present to you all: Suzanne_Ve.GBA

Or at least I would, but it currently is broken in every emulator out there, even the ones I usually count on to be cycle-accurate*, in a way that causes horrendous flickering that I wouldn't wish on anyone photosensitive. But it works fine on hardware, so here's a recording of it from my Gamecube!

(* bug reports incoming)

CW: Close-up eye contact; muzak.

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covid, cheesy 90s psa 

*sits on a chair backwards while wearing a blaseball cap backwards*

kids, i know it's easy to feel "too gay to be careful about covid," but there's nothing gayer than you and your polycule surviving the pandemic-apocalypse to have brunch together again once there's a vaccine. stay safe out there :heart_sparkles_pride:

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short sci-fi 

There was a particular brand of lonely madness the job posting was looking for, one to which I already happened to have loyalty. Interstellar Individualยฎ wanted to be the first company to send a human into a black hole. As you can guess, that's a one-way trip.

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lol miku hatsune appears on my timeline the moment I finish sketching her
too bad i didn't use reference

great value miku has arrived

There's a group of gamers on resetera doing some testing against the failure rate of ORAS carts and finding they have an extremely high failure rate and are going corrupt/unbootable all around the same time this month; at least the PAL ones.

Probably a bad batch, but the flash media used in 3DS carts does NOT have the "Centuries if treated well" storage life of carts from the NES era, so we should expect full data loss on these carts in our lifetimes.

Preservation. It's important.

We used to have C. V. Boys, Horst Robbers, and Sydney James Bounds. Now we have no boys, no robbers, and no bounds!

yooo anodyne 2 on switch got an update that fixes the bugs from the port from pc

cancel me if you must, but i will never change my sincere belief that Gary Oldman is younger than Gary Numan


Washington is finally getting an earthquake early warning system! But you have to get the alerts on your phone, which in addition to requiring that you have a phone (& enable the alerts), could be slow enough to potentially eat up your entire warning period. The state's too cheap to pay for a better distribution method.

Meanwhile, in Mexico City, they have had giant sirens providing earthquake warnings for the past 30 years.

next project, an N64 Snowboarding game. Although it's too
early to give details about this game, Kemco wants it to
reflect the extreme feel of the sport. Oliver Miyashita,
Marketing Manager of Kemco here in the United States, told
your Pak Patrol that the game could be finished as early as

smash bros / software career shitpost 

be sure to "mix up" your tech exit strategy, lest recruiters predict your chosen option and punish your dodge roll with a fully-charged ops-smash

new tool i've been working on since sometime last week: UnrealKey, a small program that tries to automatically detect AES decryption keys for Unreal Engine 4 pak files, with results possible within seconds of starting the game

gamedev, today's take 


always have lawyers and negotiating power and extended runways, ugh, i can't believe this needs to be said.

Ulysses (Ulysses 31) + Professor Charles Xavier
Death (Castlevania) + Death (Gauntlet)

We used to have Elizabeth Hacking, Robert Henry William Miles, and Francis Barrington Montagu Snow. Now we have no hacking, no miles, and no snow!

everything leans toward consumption.

creation is something others do, for money, in industry.

and that's bad news for storytelling, folks. and when storytelling suffers, we lose knowledge.

I have no citation for that, but it's a hill I'll die on.

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i think RHEL spinoffs as a category should be called Same Hat Enterprise Linux

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