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After several months of intensive research and development, I present to you all: Suzanne_Ve.GBA

Or at least I would, but it currently is broken in every emulator out there, even the ones I usually count on to be cycle-accurate*, in a way that causes horrendous flickering that I wouldn't wish on anyone photosensitive. But it works fine on hardware, so here's a recording of it from my Gamecube!

(* bug reports incoming)

CW: Close-up eye contact; muzak.

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covid, cheesy 90s psa 

*sits on a chair backwards while wearing a blaseball cap backwards*

kids, i know it's easy to feel "too gay to be careful about covid," but there's nothing gayer than you and your polycule surviving the pandemic-apocalypse to have brunch together again once there's a vaccine. stay safe out there :heart_sparkles_pride:

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short sci-fi 

There was a particular brand of lonely madness the job posting was looking for, one to which I already happened to have loyalty. Interstellar Individualยฎ wanted to be the first company to send a human into a black hole. As you can guess, that's a one-way trip.

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between 4:15 p.m. and
10:00 p.m.
Inside the Curiosity Shop
back room, Kafei will
explain his plight and give

I'm at the point in my life where if I need to boot "live" Linux on a computer, I don't go find a USB drive or SD card or something, I just pull the SATA drive out of the nearest powered-off machine with the same architecture and go "c'mon buddy, you're getting an out-of-box experience"

In response to my questions about whether or not any of the gameโ€™s creators identify as members of the LGBTQ community, Alper is coy: โ€œAt Rollic, we proudly see diversity as one of our greatest strengths. We bring together associates with diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences in an environment where we seek authenticity.โ€

so: no

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I saw someone online describe mRNA vaccines as telling your body to make a new type of guy to get really mad about and now I can't stop thinking about it

silly poll idea

you win Cranky's grudging respect...if you want it, that is!
If you run into enemies while
searching for a hidden passage,
put the barrel down so you don'!
break it accidentally.

please don't take this seriously 

if Microsoft truly "โค๏ธs" Linux then where's our Visual Basic 6 frontend to LLVM

lb: someone disappointed that bernie didn't win and tf everyone into MLP characters

We used to have Moses Sanders, Albert S. Marks, and Julie Manes. Now we have no sanders, no marks, and no manes!

The people I have in my phone contacts fall into two groups

1. I interact with you but I don't consider you enough of a friend to give you a "real" contact.

2. We swapped numbers because at some point it was the only way to get in contact (planned meatspace meeting, emergency, etc) but you have another contact for me.

That's exhaustive. In neither case would "Hey you have X in your phone contacts, wanna add them on Discord/Twitter/Telegram/etc" be helpful and, in most cases, would be anti-helpful.
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half the reason we are in this โ€˜queer people are nonviolent wholesome typesโ€™ thing is because we keep being wildly oversensitive about giving any char negative traits these days, and then big cash heterosexual men make a fucking basic vampire woman who hates human life and is probably a terf and people are like โ€˜please mutilate meโ€™ because we are starved for even the most basic evil lesbian stereotype bc bad ppl are hot

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We used to have Thomas Young, Charles Hope, and Glenda Sanders. Now we have no young, no hope, and no sanders!

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