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Suzanne_Ve.gba update, now with more visual trickery 

The GBA normally only has 16 levels of alpha-blending, but taking advantage of the display ghosting on GBA LCD screens (simulated by the GBPlayer being recorded here as well), I gained an additional bit of precision. Now the gray eye / red face blending happens much more smoothly, almost imperceptibly, where in the original you'd probably notice if you looked as the level of opacity changed between 0 and 16.

This was accomplished with good old-fashioned mesh-transparency, with a checkerboard of pixels that horizontally flips every frame, and filters out the less-opaque layer using the GBA's "OBJ window" feature.

(The left and right edges have also been using a similar mesh transparency this whole time, which is why they're a little strange looking at times)

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short sci-fi 

There was a particular brand of lonely madness the job posting was looking for, one to which I already happened to have loyalty. Interstellar Individual® wanted to be the first company to send a human into a black hole. As you can guess, that's a one-way trip.

This sucks, and I hate to ask, but I can't pay some upcoming bills and I could use some help so that I can continue to drive my car, use my electricity, and so on.

If you have a spare buck or two, I'd really appreciate your help. Thank you.

Why do they call it quicksort when you of in the pivot of out half sort the list?

Here's a $20 Itch bundle full of short games with worse graphics, each one costing about 71 cents:

lewd reference, misinformation 

🇬🇧 : "soggy biscuit"
🇺🇸 : "Limp Bizkit"

food, brand, eye contact 

this appears in my mind every time i see this jar 🙉 🍝

hiding details of the material reality of how software operates and where data goes from users is bad, and calling that "good UX" is capitulating to the proprietary way of thinking that produces dark patterns and SaaSS

while i'm thinking about random media that occasionally sticks in my mind as "hey, that was good": a lot of people my age (and likely under) remember the Spongebob episode "Ripped Pants" but nobody ever talks about how neat it was that a popular cartoon did an entire episode that had a moral of "listen, if you're going to be a weird little joker, the least you can do is switch up your material so it doesn't get fucking annoying"

I feel like there's a lot of context one can lose by playing something on MAME without knowing what it is. Like I played some terrible plug-n-play compilation and then researched it and found out the "console" looks like this:

Mastodon grumbling 

If Eugen is so ashamed of the monster he's created that he feels the majority of it should be hidden away like a dirty little secret in the official iOS app he could use that shame towards building better tools towards a healthier and safer social space like people have been literally begging for and suggesting since 2017

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when someone "DQs" in a sporting event it means they get to go to Dairy Queen for ice cream once it's over

infosec-ish question :boost_ok: 

I create unique email addresses for every service I use.

I just got a spam email to one of those addresses.

What's the process here? Do I report it to the service in question in case they were hacked? Is there some sort of regulatory body who would like to know about this in case they were selling email addresses?

NEW VIDEO: Coping With Chronic Pain (Part 2: Prevention)

a video where I talk about how to not be in pain

these sorts of informational disability videos don’t perform as well on YT, so comments, shares etc are especially appreciated 💜

[PSA voice] pirating disney+ shows isn't just cost-effective, it's the right thing to do!

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