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After several months of intensive research and development, I present to you all: Suzanne_Ve.GBA

Or at least I would, but it currently is broken in every emulator out there, even the ones I usually count on to be cycle-accurate*, in a way that causes horrendous flickering that I wouldn't wish on anyone photosensitive. But it works fine on hardware, so here's a recording of it from my Gamecube!

(* bug reports incoming)

CW: Close-up eye contact; muzak.

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covid, cheesy 90s psa 

*sits on a chair backwards while wearing a blaseball cap backwards*

kids, i know it's easy to feel "too gay to be careful about covid," but there's nothing gayer than you and your polycule surviving the pandemic-apocalypse to have brunch together again once there's a vaccine. stay safe out there :heart_sparkles_pride:

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short sci-fi 

There was a particular brand of lonely madness the job posting was looking for, one to which I already happened to have loyalty. Interstellar Individualยฎ wanted to be the first company to send a human into a black hole. As you can guess, that's a one-way trip.

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Nintendo Power (no, not that one), flash carts & ROMs 

Did you know that Nintendo made official consumer flash cartridges for SNES and GBC and sold ROMs for them at kiosks? They were sold in Japan at the end of their respective consoles' lifecycles, likely to continue making money on their existing install base without making their successors (N64 and GBA) compete with them for shelf space.

When did the Japanese start eating eggs? 

A long ใŸใพใ”!

what if being a "functioning, productive member of society" isn't necessarily a great thing if you live in an unproductive, dysfunctional society

the "no take, only throw" dog, but it's mickey mouse saying "no remix, only consume"

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Having a flat in the UK: ๐Ÿ™‚
Having a flat in the US: โ˜น๏ธ

In today's NYT crossword, 32 accros is a 15-letter phrase with the clue "Things used by star witnesses?" The answer infuriated me. 

Space telescopes

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