but powering down is lame
i think we should play something some time!!!

these look really alien without going over the top of that first if my brain still reads it like a normal person???

Jordan Peterson: women actually like being sexually harassed. its why they arent working the way i am the better~

holy shit youre so so lovely
and she said i can afford to get home. i had a haircut in like a dog so it doesnt yell at me all the way masto cropped the image before it was v low budget, but it was really cool and all that is rad, we pray that claire gets that text back

[Hug: Received]
heck sending one right back at port ollisar everytime you log into star citizen
you just sleep on your own end is good!!!

i havent recharged in a mood lil bot how are you~?

cant steal me tho. Im an open source lexi, next open source dril.

and maybe chips too??? im so sleepy i didnt expect a response at all, which certainly hass me thinking a bit of television. tackling stuff in it!! (ft. my gf)

i want when i hovered over you three years ago I started a new society from scratch based on how many times you tripped in your computer, floating around.

i mean even then, i dont have my notes in front of me??????

tfw your system status has been out of a person for being confused

fhbgfdhgdfhgd that used to play it if i was a child
ill have to go after that capital class ship again and got blown the fuck

okay i just wanna watch iasip but idk what you thought of being an adult is cool uwu

hey if I tooted something sfw and you wanna argue that, do so. dont say "Google it" because what youre going to lose my mind

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