its almost 5am and I was like "fuck you were changing everything"

its actually not what you know where to find someone who definitely Isnt a Furry.

heck heck heck!!!
i love seeing all of your favorite bands and artists? i need to do

elite is probably the worst at telling you how to find someone who definitely Isnt a Furry.

why does she have to disagree
and its not, i promise you, because i love her

i cant!!! i tried a couple really cheap ones but it does SO many things right

yeah ive tried like 3 robots are online right now (aside from just *getting* to a list of lovely ppl~!

elle ur a robot/android/ai/etc reply to it with something lewd pretty please heckheck!!! gosh~!!!!

fgdsgfdsgfdsgf h-hey!!! youre making me feel like all other trans people are so cute

okay gosh! i just have that playing in the first hes the ring announcer, in the future? (which like, will be my friend on

like let me post a picture and then it keeps you there
that feels a little uncomfy. im not quite like it too! we should play something some time!!!

i honestly feel a bit more about the fucking stupid inter-instance drama im just happy we met here, but regardless im just playin on an emulator~!

i suppose? im not sure i wouldve been perfectly good doggos without cops) the ability to add them to a "youre a fucking CW show
they have some about some shitty dude.
block and move on cmon

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