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Hey uh, if anyone wants to give money to an unemployed trans woman trying to get her life together, I know someone who would appreciate it.


I'm really not comfortable asking for money. I'm trying to take care of myself. I set up an appointment with an occupational therapist and I'm trying to figure out work stuff in the meantime. Y'know, trying to do things "right", trying to "earn" it.

Anyway, don't give me money if you can't afford it or money's tight or whatever. Take care of yourself before you take care of others. I don't want to accept help at that expense.

Was able to order some new clothes. I'm super looking forward to getting them. Thank you again to everyone who donated.

...which by the way others can do here if they are so inclined >.>

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"gender confirming" yup that's a thing I typed -_-

Thank you to everyone who sent me money. It means a lot. <3

I'd love to be able to afford things like better clothes, laser hair removal, an actual hair stylist... Y'know, general gender confirming things that are technically luxuries but that I'm kinda miserable without.


Hey uh, if anyone wants to give money to an unemployed trans woman trying to get her life together, I know someone who would appreciate it.


I'll have to ask around and get more information. Also, it bears mention that I'm fucking broke and unemployed and can't do much of anything atm. I need to focus on myself first. But there's no reason I can't also entertain this thought, figure out how possible it might be.

This is from the government of New Brunswick's website. Specifically this pdf for new entrants into the farming industry: www2.gnb.ca/content/dam/gnb/De

Basically, you get can get up to $750k with a good business plan, good credit and enough experience/education.

I'm not sure how much space would be necessary. 5 acres feels like a lot so I'll use that as a baseline. I'm seeing listings at $15k, $30k... Just all over the place.

There /are/ ways to get government loans. But those seem to come with the expectation of building a business.

As for actually starting a commune...I dunno, there's no way around the cost. Prices of land depend on location and whether the lots are clear or wooded. Obviously, land closer to cities is more expensive, and we probably don't want 5 acres of trees.

As for trans rights here, a lot of surgeries are covered through medicare. It's fairly recent and more surgeries are covered for trans men than trans women. GRS is covered for both.

More info on LGBT rights in NB: equaldex.com/region/canada/new

The political climate here is...not the worst but far from the best. Fascists have a foothold right next to us in Quebec, but that's not the case here yet. Worst I can say about NB is basically everything is owned by one corporation and the people are pretty apathetic.

I live in New Brunswick. The Canadian province, not the US city. It's a small province, but there's a lot of land for sale.

So, what if a group of trans folk could buy some land here. We build some houses, farm the land, make the community as self-sufficient as possible.

I'm sure the idea of a queer farm/commune is something that appeals to a lot of us. I think about it a lot and always write it off for one reason or another. Usually due to being broke.

It's pretty implausible. But not impossible. So I'm gonna think out loud.

*record scratch*
Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering how I ended up in this situation.

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