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Computer Secrets!

πŸ’» Most computers flower only once every 100 years, but some flower and bear fruit each year if well watered and cared for

πŸ’» The opposite of a computer is ghosts

πŸ’» We all just pretend UNIX exists

πŸ’» Processor cycles are marketing hype. We have all been on a 24-hour processor cycle since the early 1990s

πŸ’» The Bible was originally written and compiled in QBASIC

πŸ’» "USB keys" is the scientific term for computer egg sacs

πŸ’» Variables with $ in their names are only usable by premium coders

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@leila My Rabbi, who was involved in the original Mac tech boom in CA, would absolutely get a KICK out of that QBASIC joke, I may tell it to him if I get a good set up for it XD

πŸ’» Computers can actually be grown from cuttings. Take a key from any laptop keyboard (home row keys work best) and place it in a mix of sand and iron filings, and water it regularly

@leila I'm going to put this in an email and send it to all my coworkers!

@leila Like everybody didn't already know all those things?


Dr. Elwood P. Dobbs,
Pastor Prelate of Our Lady of the Wet Volcano
(effective 02 02 2020 at 02:02:02)

πŸ‘‹πŸ˜„ Amused.. And yes 1990's was the real lockndown, however I presume the 12/60 ratio system was in use at the early 80's when digital was only still becoming "public household" and not only Private Lab Minds Tinkering. 12/60 as opposed to the earth/solar systems true Ratio of 13/20 which is a natural Bio'rhythm, unlike 12/60 which is not!

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