Take a moment to think back to these 3-5 feral hoglings

@leila for a moment we thought that was a curb on a road and got really concerned that there might be duckling sized hoglings running about.

@violet Are you saying it's not? That looked like grass above the curb and I was like howwwww

@leila we think that is a creek/drainage embankment with some reeds or larger grass growing over it.

@violet Could be. I'm still hoping they're just precious baby micro hogbebes.

@leila well, from what we've found so far in looking up how big they are at birth, it usually ranges from ½ to 1 kg, so... We think that'd be a big curb for that effect.

@violet A pound is like two large apples, though. I could see those being teeny piggos and a slightly big curb (but not trick photography).

I could also totally see it being trick photography because nothing is true anymore and who knows? 🙃

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