@lichen I like these, but why is it better to say someone is "openly" trans than to say they are "out" as trans? I'm not seeing the difference.

@leila it's perhaps a bit subtle yeah, it's explained in the blog post in sections 2.10 and 2.3, basically has to do with avoiding language that paints trans people as deceptive in anyway, or this is at least how I read it


@lichen Yeah, I just read Alex's post about it. It sounds like they're saying someone can be OUT as a man, but not as trans, because the latter is a disclosure of their history. I'm not sure I personally would represent myself that way (I feel very much out as trans in addition to being out as a woman), but as a general rule for cis-mainstream media, it's probably a safe way to draw the line.

@leila yeah.. these things are complicated only because of the long history of associating trans people with deception and the need to un-do that.. so it makes sense for media, but colloquially I guess 'out' can feel totally safe in all meanings..

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