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Disney must remake Beauty and the Beast with sapiosexual actors in the lead roles.

Make sure your dog is saving up to retire and become a cat

A "The Deadliest Game" story where a billionaire, a former US President, an out-of-touch celebrity, and a random contest-winner go on safari to hunt the galaxy's most lethal predator, but the twist is that the deadliest game is, in fact, a giant phasing vampire leopard made of venomous tentacles and it does kill them.

A superintelligent AI created by tech bros would just waste all its clock cycles writing and rebutting think-pieces about whether white privilege is real.

@leila what if a supercomputer turns good because they tell it to become evil?

Every story where the supercomputer turns evil because we told it to give us "world peace" was written by a cop.

A sitcom about a robot dad telling his kids a long, rambling story about his dating days, called How I Configured Your Mother

hey cis or cis-adjacent humans, curious to get your take (poll, ffs mention) Show more

What's the cutest kind of emission tomography? I nominate positron.

There are a lot of colours of gold with different chemical constituents and cultural significance, it turns out. It's like kryptonite in that regard.

Rose gold is just copper that's a class traitor

Ok I'm buying myself jelly beans because it's Bowsette Day, dammit

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