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*Goes up to a queer couple* so which one of you is the ancient reptile that rose from the deeps and which one is the tender green shoot that trembles in the little world upon its back

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food ment 

If you think about it, language is just wifi for your brain.

I'm reeling at the news that there are people who don't think that Book 2: Spirits was the best season of Korra and damn good storytelling.

Of boobs ~ 


History fact! Under the old calendar, today was known as "Friday."

I want to teach a survival-oriented cooking class for queers facing food insecurity and call it Homo Ec

Hey Toronto people! Throughout the summer, local progressive politics org Progress Toronto is offering free/PWYC online workshops on:

- digital campaigning
- City Hall 101
- how to meet with politicians
- how to speak at a committee
- crafting your narrative

Deets & registration here:

#events #toronto #TOpoli #FreeStuff #DiversityOfTactics 🐘

Uh oh, my American boss just told me "bless your heart," am I in trouble?

Discourse, slurs 

Discourse, slurs 

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