ah ok so somehow TWO of my friends are having bottom surgery today?? 😅😰😊😬👍😵

i google student friendly vegan recipes and I get shit like "a swig of white wine, half a cup of honey, 3 teaspons of saffron, 500 grams of truffles and just wrap it up in some nice fresh $50 notes,

@VyrCossont me like two years ago: I just think trans stories are really sweet, and I really like to see that character growth. Yeah, half my friends are trans, I'm a good cis ally

me now: oh.

the trans agenda is to expand the hive

Periodic reminder that I love every one of you and would fight a wolverine for you, if wolverines weren't definitely queer, and probably misunderstood, this has become a different toot, protect wolverines.

Possible uses: "Follow the genderline of their argument"

"TONIGHT on Genderline!"

"Here are your notes. I genderlined all the gay parts."

Word I just thought I read: "genderline."

I was of three minds,
Like a tree
In which there are three Pokemon

One is not born, but rather becomes, a Pokemon.

"You must be under THIS level to ride." 😏

I think my sexuality is just that for me to be attracted to someone, they need to have LESS gender than me.

Jehova's Witnesses knocking on your door except it's just to show you a cool possum they met.

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