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*Goes up to a queer couple* so which one of you is the ancient reptile that rose from the deeps and which one is the tender green shoot that trembles in the little world upon its back

Me: I've been off masto for a long time due to The Events. Maybe it will have become something different from what I remember.

(Jacks in, immediately sees the coyote)

Me: Ok but I'm still not convinced

(Hovers pointer over the coyote)

I think I want to build an astrolabe, is this gay y/n?

Vaguely traumaesque 

This year has sucked so bad and been great, and that's the mood. Ow. Yes. More.

And if Kira is DS9's Valjean, then that tracks.

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I feel like Odo as Javert is too easy: he bends the law, just slightly, and isn't really a cop at heart. I feel like it should be a Cardassian or maybe Kai Winn.

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Marius, the Himbo revolutionary, is the only easy role: Julian's a shoe-in.

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Casting a Deep Space 9 production of Les Misérables and it's TRICKY

Trans, being problematic 

My body count is how many people I've turned trans

Older women who spell it "b*tch," I pledge my sword to you.

Idea for a bug: Give a ladybug a knife, now it's a bladeybug 🐞 🔪

My new ideology: Cottagecore separatist tranarchy

I want an obnoxious, PFLAG-style t-shirt that says "I ❤️ MY BRATTY SWITCH"

Shitpost surgery ment 

"Post-op" is an incredible insensitive term to use. Especially when "surgically ordained" is available.

My friend: play Minecraft with me!
Me: no

My friend: play Minecraft with me it's so good 😄
Me: aw, but no

My friend: (becomes my domme) play Minecraft with me 😈
Me: welp

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