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*Goes up to a queer couple* so which one of you is the ancient reptile that rose from the deeps and which one is the tender green shoot that trembles in the little world upon its back

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Me: I'd look terrible if I cut my hair short

Dykes: …

Me: yeah but

lewd post-impressionism 

Would a grampa vampire, a grampire, turn you into another grampire if it bit you, or just a regular vampire?

Bathrooms should be divided based on whether you take high-angle, head-on, or low-angle selfies.

Working in Excel, and I wan a keyboard with pgup and pgdn buttons but for going sideways.

Cause Problems On Purpose = "Be Gay Do Crimes" but for heteroflexible couples

The Dawn Redwood is ridiculous. No further comment.

violent crime ment 

Put me in charge so I can pass a law requiring all heroes to wear capes.

Gonna post on an espresso-making subreddit about putting ground kidney beans in a $1,000 coffee maker

no classes are scheduled between the hours of 3 and 6 am

this is loudly touted by all promotional materials

there are, in fact, classes scheduled in those hours

there's several hundred undergraduate journals, running the gamut from poetry to artificial intelligence to molecular genetics, but also to magic the gathering card design, platonic caving, demonology, and rejections from other undergraduate journals. sometimes they have tournaments where each sends their strongest warrior.

a building has been under construction for 50 years. every day it has a new layout. the profs get maps, the students don't.

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