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*Goes up to a queer couple* so which one of you is the ancient reptile that rose from the deeps and which one is the tender green shoot that trembles in the little world upon its back

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LANDLORDS DO NOT PROVIDE AN 'ESSENTIAL SERVICE.' nothing about collecting rental fees during a Shelter In Place emergency is 'essential' except for how essentially morally bankrupt it is

to be clear: the actual building staff are fine, they're doing what they can with their hands shackled by the property management company, especially the maintenance crew, but christ alive this is fucking tone-deaf

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Imagining a thick Boston accent saying "havoc."

I need recipes. All I have to work with is a bunch of landlords and a pretty good spice rack.

Pro: We should have a moratorium on rent payments

Con: I will have to talk to a human being from his office on the phone.

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Should I call my Member of Parliament and demand a moratorium on rent payments?

(swirls martini glass) "Novel coronavirus? Well I'd say the novelty is starting to wear a bit thin."

My friend and I have just realized Belanna Torres is Tasha Yar 2.

covid-19 and capitalism in USia 

snail race

mh- relationships 

OK HEAR ME OUT: A BDSM party on a boat called "Cruising for a Bruising."

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