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writing tip: no writing tip will ever cover every situation. use adverbs. fuck up grammar. fuck up spelling. do whatever you can to get your soul on paper

my best-known piece of writing is chock-full of grammar errors because that's half the point. an english teacher would fill meatpunks with red pen but it doesn't matter because it *connects*


@HTHR most of my games are written in the same way i tweet with a lot of shortcuts and no apostrophes and frankly im creating the way god* intended

*me, im god

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@le_onionboi @HTHR honestly this kind of writing is so expressive and like ... carries a lot of character!!

@modernmodron @HTHR yeah! i dont want to censor myself with like needless capitalization or periods or proper grammar lmao

i feel like sure its almost invisible in other games, but there is something abt.. using the same expressive emotional writing we all developed thru communicating on social media and just like general online

its so much more comfortable writing like that as well hee hee

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