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sorry pals, im just making a new account.. im at @onion since like 1 minutes ago LOL

sorry pals, im just making a new account.. im at @onion since like 1 minutes ago LOL

also looki dont want to leave twitter.. do u kno how much of my like 3k followings is danmei peeps!! at least 50% of my feed is always danmei, im getting them sweet sweet fanart, those even sweeter thread fics, and just ppl
having thirsty horny thoughts that i vibe with

i kno there are discords but i dont wven kno how to find them not to mention i dont rly want to interact with most of these ppl, i just wanna like and rt their content thanks

ugh y'all following me here and forcing me to reset my password and finally check that there is an app for it on android

#ドット絵 #pixelart

if you like my art, consider supporting me by buying me a coffee for just $3:

rly bad mh brain time :) 

its a good thing i dont like pain bc right nows thoughts....... arent good

god i wish i just had decent income and earned it in a way that didnt kill me....... its sad how this feels like too much of a pipe dream lmao

todays just.... wack mood, wack brain

i also want to like draw a cute little thing and make a postcard or whatever and send that to some friends...

and i was already worried i'd have no energy lol but im worried its totally not gonna happen lol

📞📝👻A DAY'S WORK👻💻✉️

its been a hard day's night, and i've been working like a ghost~

read your work emails or goof off chatting in this new exciting game~


you're not allowed to leave a comment on a bitsy game unless you mention that it's very short

only thing getting me thru today is having “truth hurts”(?) by lizzo stuck in my head lmao

i dont wanna meet new ppl that dont kno me from twitter bc im so fucking tired of explaining my interests and hobbies lmao

like damn i tweeted abt finally getting a good twine idea and wanting to go learn variables and embedding images like so many ppl replied and it felt so nice

i love this kind of connection, i felt very happy and motivated

im still hella cute and this is a fact

now only to actually have my bad brain stop sabotaging me

bad brain time— re: appearance 

@le_onionboi tho fuck i feel like if i do hear back from the receptionist job thing... would it even be ok for me to dye my hair LOL

i mean working current job i legit forgot?? i couldnt have nail polish.. or maybe i wasnt told.. idk i dont care, i dont even touch food fuck it all

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bad brain time— re: appearance 

maybe i regret not wearing my binder even just for wearing a hoodie lol

god if i wasnt so into the desire to dye my hair, i honestly might have already just buzzed my hair to 2mm

but i gotta see this to its conclusion.. also yeah like i was better with the first haircut.. right now it just feels so bad with it being longer but still sticking up..

im tired and im tired of hating how i look half the time

like no! this! is! not! usual!
want! this! to! stop!

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