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horny, funny 

i want to have sex with my gf but she's watching Bionicle 2 this moment is literally a shitpost

a computer somewhere in Google's ad department tearing its hair out trying to figure out why, every day, i enter a retail store, but do not buy anything

starting to think that commuting by bus was what made me consistent at my old job. I used to have to catch the bus that got there 10 minutes early, and if I didn't, that was it. whereas now, I'll be like 20 minutes to my shift, and I'll be like. yeah uber can probably get me there, and I get there 15 minutes late

*sees a sign in serif font* omg this is just like stranger things

opinions on screen size, long 

4:3 is a great size for a screen, and 16:9 is worse.

• most programs have toolbars on the top/bottom, meaning you use vertical space much more than horizontal space
• the extra horizontal space you have is often unused when reading documents
• most desks have a practically unlimited amount of vertical space, so making your screen taller is unlikely to get in the way of other things on your desk


i satisfied and delighted your customers last night

power cut out last night and a 9 hour 3d print got cut off 3/4 of the way through

how do people find startups? i wanna find companies that are less immediately visible, people to throw resumes at

climate, capitalism vent 

but is it profitable in the short term to brace for all the disasters we're causing by only focusing on short term profits??

i want to pick them up and snug them and kiss them but they all wanna sleeeeeeep

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the hardest part of going to a cat cafe is respecting the cats' boundaries

It's fucked up that declawing cats isn't considered animal abuse

omg phoebe bridgers did a song for the new minions movie

ran into someone from my middle/high school and he was like "have you gotten a degree yet"

kinda cut deep honestly, i used to be proud of being a smart kid

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