behind every great piece of software is a great enby who somehow ends up on my mastodon timeline

@randomHydrogen protags name is shinji, that blue angel's name was ramiel

meowing very quietly so as not to disturb my gf's zoom call

cisgender day of invisibility. cis people must shut up and hide all day

punch RMS but don't punch down 

here's some things that are bad and harmful and worthy an #uninStallman:

- leveraging positions of power to make unwanted advances on women
- misogyny
- devil-advocating for pedophilia
- prescribing people's pronouns and ethnic terms against their will
- "stealing a kiss is not sexual assault and I refuse to acknowledge this concept"
- being shitty and condescending to people online
- being a lib

here's a list of morally neutral things that even if you personally don't like, do not in themselves cause harm to anyone:

- anything to do with his appearance, age or weight
- having a demeanor or behaviour that feels odd or neurodiv
- being bearded and other unusual sensibilities of personal grooming
- eating toenails in public and other failures to see or understand social protocol

a lot of good, sweet people do things like these and are not shitty. the things on the first list are unrelated to those in the second. mock the second list and you mock a ton of disabled etc. along with him.

by all means go punch RMS, but punch up.

today progress: icons are finished. This section is officially done. what if it was vtubers

evangelion spoilers 

please do not tell me anything more about eva I haven't finished the series yet

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evangelion spoilers 

god getting fed up with nerv killing the angels and creating sahaquiel: fine it's an orbital railgun. try and stab this motherfuckers

our home internet has been even more unusable than usual lately. my mom has noticed it, my brother has noticed it, but my dad continues to not give a shit about us because he doesn't do anything that requires good internet

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this account isn't abandoned I still have the app on my phone I swear

> bad news. i accidentally cut your son's umbilical cord with the pink scissors
> she's trans now

"intellectual property" has got to be the most philosophically cursed concept that ever gained widespread acceptance

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