i am gonna log out of youtube on all my devices so i don't get sucked into it as hard

i am butch on every level except hair length

if i ever met Travis McElroy I'd probably just be like hi I'm Lav, i like ur jokes, also I wish Magnus burnsides was my dad

higashikata josuke uses his ability, Soft And Wet, to steal an enemy stand user's 「gender」

What's this country and why are all the girls from there so fucking hung


the flip up sight on the stryfe is so weird. i can't see anything through it \j

i am very flusterable lately and i really like it

also look at this cool ass photo my wife took of me on our date yesterday ;;;

wearing a chef coat today bc I'm unloading freight in the freezer and it's cold, I feel like a hot lab tech and I love it

gender shitpost 

What is with these xenogenders that The Cis keep coming up with. """Penisgender???""" Really??? """Vaginagender???""" Give me a break! These aren't real genders... 😒😒😒

the number of male Uber/Lyft drivers who will drive me *past* my workplace and drop me off at the nail salon next door

it's misogyny but it's more funny than upsetting to me

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