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late mornings, curled between fluffy blankets and warm arms and messy hair and soft lips, that make me glad i was born

Rabbis these days always on they damn Torah

extremely cursed 

guys i can't taste soy sauce with my balls :(

hrt, dysphoria 

looking at my labs confirms the suspicions I've had for months that my T is not where I want it to be. it is literally actually 10 times the amount I had in July. i feel like my body is moving against me, like im watching it turn into something i don't like anymore, and it has me scared to do things like work out or eat for fear of where the fat and muscle will go. this feeling of uncontrollably rotting from the inside out is much more potent than it was before i transitioned. maybe because my body has been exactly what i want for so long?

wonder if pixel car crash detection works if you're a person hit by a car, and you're not in a car yourself

I'm glad iPhones have car crash detection now. I've had it go off on my Pixel before (I was rattled but unharmed) and it's really comforting to know it's there

TAZ:balance relisten 

Lucretia pretending she doesn't know what the umbra staff is

two episodes into TAZ amnesty i am loving this setting a lot more than I expected to. I love Justin's park ranger shtick

the single dart storage in the grip on the alpha trooper is hilarious to me. it's a mag-fed blaster and it's a pain in the ass to breach load, so what do they expect u to do with that single dart? is it intended for like a sidearm or something? i wanna print one for my Nexus pro it's just so funny

you can download my nudes but if u make any edits, you have to open source them, too

nerf, photos of blasters 

i fucking adore thumbhole stocks they just look so so good

i’ve said it before but transflective displays are underrated

sharp makes them with some e-ink-like properties (persistent, extremely low power consumption), but they’re also very fast

go to the store, spend $100 on groceries, get home, there's nothing to eat. where the fuck did the money go

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