ActivityPub 0.1.0 has been released. You can work with all ActivityStreams 2.0 Types and more... in .

Feel free to submit issues and pull requests for enhancements/bugfixes.

@landrok I had the idea of using activitypub for podcasts to put the content into the fedivers. There's that small podcast dir with all the data ( and the point is to have the podcast as actor and the episodes as content.

I won't pretend to know enough about AP at that point, but would your implementation be a way to implement that along with my directory? (And yes, it's php)

@eazy I think it's good.
Some resources to help you:
- choosing an actor type:
- choosing a media content type:
If you need more properties that ActivityPub defines, I've recently pushed an example of how to extend ActivityStreams models.

Hope this helps!

@landrok So for now I have to learn, how all that works. The entities, taxonomies etc... Be back in a year ;-))

@landrok When trying the server example with webfinger... should that work out of the box with my mastodon account?

I get an error: "Property "featured" is not defined. Type="Person", Class="ActivityPhp\Type\Extended\Actor\Person""

@landrok I fear, that's totally ok and I do not understand enough for all that. But I try to learn that step by step by doing "something" :)

@eazy this exception seems to be normal. A property "featured" is extended the ActivityPub vocabulary, it's a part of the Mastodon dialect. An example on how to implement such a dialect is there

@landrok Thought so. Thanks. This will be fun to discover. Maybe There will be a new dialect this fall for my podcast directory 🙂

I started a Drupal module that will depend on your library, it looks excellent! Development at (but not much there yet though) Great! This is the expected usage of this library. I'm not a Drupal expert, nevertheless, if you need help on ActivityPhp usage (For instance, more examples or some new features), I could perhaps bring it to you.

I think I'll be okay for the objects already, the documentation and class hierarchy looks robust! I wonder whether you are planning to include something around authentication (e.g. HTTPSignature) ? Not something in the spec of course, but maybe some helper base classes or so might come in handy. However, would totally understand if not in scope. It's entirely in the scope of the server part. It was done yesterday. A short manual was made to facilitate an out-of-the-box usage.

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