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When an indented line of code is followed by an indented empty line, that empty line's indentation should be...

racist phrase 

"going off the reservation" as an analogy for "a bad thing" is extremely racist against native americans

it's a reference to the forced relocation of native americans to reservation lands, and that going off that land is "bad"

care for your providers 

caretakers, doms (d/s), caregivers (cg/l), housekeepers, and other "providers" need care too

often that means a chance to not make a decision, not handle a situation, not have to empathize, not have to make the first move, or clean something up, or ask for action

it can be very difficult for them to let go for a while without feeling like they're letting people down, so one way to help might be to make sure things are taken care of, rather than try to force them away

re: getting bike affordances 

Most of the time, I don't ask. I lock up where I think is reasonable and nobody questions it. Only if they ask me to lock up somewhere else, or there is no reasonable place to lock up, do I ask the question: "Where"

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getting bike affordances 

I often deal with situations where bikes and cyclists have not been considered at all, so I have to *make* them be considered for things like safe parking and room to operate

One method that has worked very effectively for me is to go in with confidence, just assuming the person I'm dealing with wants to make affordances for bikes. I don't ask "if", I ask "how"

Asking "do you have a place to park" or "can I park" will often get a negative answer,
but asking "where should I park (now that I'm here)" will usually get a positive outcome, and will make them change to accommodate bikes in the future

As always, I try to be considerate about where I park so I'm not blocking entryways or sidewalks, and especially so my bike won't become an obstacle for people with limited mobility, but if they provide space for cars then they will provide space for bikes. Even if I have to be the first to ask

gig economy, capitalism, covid 

Dara Khosrowshahi, the CEO of Uber, just sent letters to all state governors and the CDC asking for their couriers to be counted as "essential personnel" for the purposes of vaccine distribution

This is the same company whose personal safety efforts amounted to giving couriers one package of disposable masks and a bottle of hand sanitizer, one time, on request

They're happy asking for other people to spend the effort, as long as it doesn't take anything but an email from the CEO

It hardly needs to be said, but gig economy companies do not care about you

choking play tip 

⚠️ Do not surprise your partner with a choke. Your unexpected force and their subconscious reaction can cause serious injury

So here's how you can still be "dangerous" and "surprising": Hit their sternum

Hit just below where the collar bones come together with the same force that you would have used to stop them in place (that is to say: pull your punch) and then after a second continue up onto their neck

self care reminder (kinda silly) 

Do not push any changes to Prod this week

I know it's tempting. I know it's just a tiny change. Don't do it

don't forget history with gig companies 

Gig companies being allowed to treat their employees as contractors means:
- Income is on you
- Insurance is on you
- Equipment is on you
- Training is on you
- Safety is on you

The fact that employment protections, insurance requirements, mandatory equipment, mandatory training, mandatory safety, workers unions, liability protections, and discrimination protections even exist in law is proof that companies regularly abuse workers and must be held to strict standards under the penalty of severe punishment

Letting gig companies off the hook because they're "new" is willfully ignoring history

physical intimacy is a hypercube 

top / bottom
dominant / submissive
seme / uke
power / service

everyone has their own positions on the axes, and it often changes depending on who they're interacting with

(there could be more axes, I'm interested to hear your experiences)


"monotonous" talking has nothing to do with your pitch

It's all about your pacing. You have to pause, have a point, speak and then stop

Add punctuation to your speech

There are three "levels" you could participate in:

1. Do it all during the zero hour!
2. Do it all in one hour that is more accessible for you!
3. Do it all whenever you want, because the point is to have fun!

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is coming up this weekend!

At 2am on November 1st, the clocks will be set back to 1am, which gives you a "free hour" to make something neat, if you want

Annual reminder that daylight savings time is *not* because of "farming or something", it is expected to reduce the use of energy for lighting because it makes better use of the daylight *during the summer*

The spring is when DST *starts*
The autumn is when DST *ends*

Personally, I think we should always have +1


"disability" does not mean "broken"

It usually means "less exploitable under capitalism"

People with disabilities don't want to be "cured". They want to be *considered* just like left-handed people want to be considered

November is WABikes "Ride in the Rain" challenge

There's no big race or any major responsibility, but this is a chance to get on your bike during the rainiest month of the year

The goal is to see what works, see what doesn't, and see how much you might actually enjoy it


your vote is your endorsement

tip about voting 

you do not have to vote on every single item, especially in local votes where you may be unsure about what your stance is

you can leave them blank, if you choose to

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