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type of guy who thinks vagueposting means he wins

type of guy who thinks "crossplay compatible" is when the game has male and female character options

I wish all drivers a happy shut the fuck up

Last Call BBS is very nostalgically realistic and very slow

🍀 nah, I'm just sad because I won't see her for a couple of months
🧓 I understand.

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help, my parents are using Google Auto-Reply to text me and it shows

1 hour: great little fox adventurer game!
20 hours: no...

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look, I'm not a linux system administrator, I just *run* systems, and I'd really like to have the things be Where I Expect Them

systemd has great reasons to do what they do, but it *moves* everything

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linux: everything is a file, arranged simply and hierarchically

systemd: ...

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What if all your tools broke? :newl: All at once! :newr:

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Reduce your driving immediately.
Demand infrastructure that isn't for cars.
No, EVs don't solve the problem.
(They're only 3x as efficient as gas)

> Transporting a four-ounce pear cup from Buenos Aires to Bangkok to Los Angeles by container ship: 30g of CO2 emissions—plus 1g for every 56 miles the pear cup travels by truck.

> Driving a typical U.S. car two city blocks in Manhattan (north-south): 35.6g of CO2 emissions.

what's your baseline test phrase?

like "cells interlinked"

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