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*ask for consent*
often and regularly
even if you "know" the answer

it gets easier the more you do it
they will appreciate it

ask for consent

trans representation and the cis (strawperson argument) 

Cis: Why do you want trans characters to be so blatant, stop rubbing it in my face!

Trans: The Matrix was a transgender allegory

Cis: What?! Nuh uh! No it wasn't!

Seattle weather, Hazard 

There is a Heat Advisory for the Seattle area all of Sunday, August 16th

The NWS is forecasting a high temperature of 96F

Stay out of the sun, stay hydrated!

⭕ Not caring about pronouns
🔴 Checking for pronouns and using them
⭐ Asking for pronouns when you're unsure, and using a non-committal "they" until you know
🌟 Regularly checking even your friends' pronouns so you can use the right ones

Q: What does this cover, exactly?
A: These codes are for 100% off, including shipping. You pay nothing. I have codes for stickers and stickers+lanyards.

Q: Do I have to prove-
A: No. Just tell me if you want a sticker, or sticker+lanyard.

Q: Can I get a bunch?
A: Take what you need. I'll get more.

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(Boosts welcome. If you want to help get more codes, that's also welcome.)

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I can now offer you a 100% code for stickers and +lanyards, completely free of charge, shipping included.

I don't need anything from you except a DM.
If you would benefit from this, DM me.


For those who have challenges standing on public transit, this sticker can help let your fellow riders know that you have an invisible disability and need a seat. The sticker goes directly on your transit card and is meant for wearing your transit card with a lanyard.

"Poly" v. "Polya" tag request 

"poly" gets used by Polynesian people, who don't really have a good way to shorten it, otherwise

It would be cool if us Polyamorous people could start to shift toward "polya", since we've got an easy second option

Consent is... 

Consent is knowing you have a choice
Consent is knowing you can change your mind
Consent is being asked if you want to start
Consent is being asked if you want to continue
Consent is knowing you can say no
Consent is knowing they will respect your decision
Consent is having options
Consent is being respected for who you are, not what you have

The bundle 

If you want the bundle and can't manage the cost right now, I'll gift you a copy

protest equipment 

I've been seeing people suggest "bump liners" for protests. They're plastic and foam liners that you can insert into a regular hat to give it a little bit of impact protection

Not enough to stop a serious blow, or get an ANSI rating, but enough to cushion the hit a little

The major benefit being that you reduce your visibility to others (especially cops) while still getting some protection

More emergencies, Internet Archive 

The Internet Archive had been experimenting with a digital lending library, and when covid severely limited public libraries, the IA started allowing unlimited checkouts (which essentially mean they allowed piracy of their book scans)

This was probably a huge mistake, but now four of the biggest publishers are suing the IA

Losing this means goes down


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