> Thank you for all of your tremendous help last Saturday. All together we were able to bike three thousand and forty five pounds of food and provide valuable support and relief to 77 neighbors all over North Seattle who are experiencing food insecurity. We also fully restocked 13 Little Free Pantries. This is a new record - great work everyone!

And this is just from *one* food bank. There are *five* in this group.


it's only a blockchain if it comes from the techbro region of silicon valley, otherwise it's just sparkling linked lists

I like my men like I like my coffee 

the trolley problem in modern america:

there is a GMC Yukon with a hood height of 44.5in carrying a single person eating fast food and trying to read a bouncing kitten sticker in a group text

they are about to collide with a cyclist just trying to get to the grocery store

you can pull funding for highway transportation and they will march into the next city council meeting demanding to know why communists have taken over

[dragon trailing sparkles from their nostrils as they curl tighter around their hoard of pronouns gathered from gender conquests]

Did you receive an allowance as a child?

you know how USB 3.0 plugs have backwards compatible connectors with more pins in an additional segment?

and how PCI Express have downward compatible x1, x4, x8, and x16 length connectors?

what other connectors are like that?

normalize changing your name for whatever reason you want

even if you're cisgender, just... you can just change them, there's no rule against it. You don't have to identify as transgender to change your name. People do it all the time. Motorcycle riders, punks, snowboarders, athletes...

When an indented line of code is followed by an indented empty line, that empty line's indentation should be...

racist phrase 

care for your providers 

re: getting bike affordances 

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getting bike affordances 

gig economy, capitalism, covid 

choking play tip 

self care reminder (kinda silly) 

don't forget history with gig companies 

physical intimacy is a hypercube 


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