Eye contact, third party selfie 

Lia accidentallied feir ideal high school look

Annual reminder that daylight savings time is *not* because of "farming or something", it is expected to reduce the use of energy for lighting because it makes better use of the daylight *during the summer*

The spring is when DST *starts*
The autumn is when DST *ends*

Personally, I think we should always have +1

hey did you know you can have vertical rulers with custom colors in vscode?


You can even let some of them be the default theme color by mixing integers with objects in the array

Genshin Impact pro tech tip! 

Run GI in fullscreen borderless!

1. Find your shortcut to GI, it will probably reference "launcher.exe"
2. Open the containing folder and browse for the "GenshinImpactGame" directory
3. Inside will be "GenshinImpact.exe". Create a shortcut and add the `-popupwindow` argument to the path
4. Launch the game using this shortcut and press Alt+Enter
(Yes, this is usually the Restore command, but instead of restoring the window it will switch to fullscreen borderless mode)

I can now offer you a 100% code for stickers and +lanyards, completely free of charge, shipping included.

I don't need anything from you except a DM.
If you would benefit from this, DM me.


For those who have challenges standing on public transit, this sticker can help let your fellow riders know that you have an invisible disability and need a seat. The sticker goes directly on your transit card and is meant for wearing your transit card with a lanyard.



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