Seattle, heatwave, cycling for your community! 

> Pedaling Relief Project volunteers,
> An extreme heatwave is hitting the Seattle area over the next 5 days. With temperatures expected to rise to nearly 100 degrees we need your pedaling support to ensure that everyone has 24hour access to clean drinking water during this trying time.
> To respond to this heatwave turned public health emergency our goal is to stock all 130 Little Free Pantries and Community Fridges in the Seattle area with bottles of water or juice on Wednesday through Saturday (August 11th through the 14th).
> Much of the bottled water that we will be using to stock pantries with will be coming from our partner food banks and there are 5pm to 7pm evening pickup times for most days and in most of the different areas of the Seattle, White Center, and Burien that we need support in.


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