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transgender power move: refusing to open bills addressed to your deadname because it's illegal to open mail that isn't for you

when witches are thinking really hard about a spell is that hocus focus?

this year is the first Tour de France Femmes!

🙅 "passing"

🙆 keeping people awake late into a fitful night of unrest, wracking their minds to process the ever-present feeling of unease that comes from having gazed upon what they lack the words to fully explain, the concepts to earnestly understand, and the senses to truly perceive

This is *not* a place of honor. Ask your doctor if Waste Isolation is right for you.

zachlikes were invented to teach the perils of premature optimization

A significant issue that I have with the mastodon timeline would be solved if it adopted the "volume normalizing" idea of automatically collapsing multiple replies into a single "thread" object

After maybe four or five posts by one or two authors in reply to each other, it would be collapsed into:

[Latest post]
... see all posts ...
[First post]

It would be nice if some book review site like Goodreads had a readability score for fiction. They're owned by Amazon, who probably has direct access to the ebook versions of the vast majority of the active books on the site, so they could scan the text and generate a readability score with less hassle than other people would need to go through

I'm really just frustrated that I'm giving up on Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie on chapter 6 because it's too hard to read. The story seems well suited for my interests, and I expect that I'd enjoy it after it's done, but the book is so hard for me to read that I'm not having fun with it, anymore

Inform ( is fun to play with. Understanding how the interpreter wants things formatted is a bit tricky, as the developers are trying their best to algorithmically understand English sentences, but when you get the hang of it, the system is kind of like a "plaintext Twine"

The playable interface is different (more text-adventure than CYOA), but that also gives you a lot more flexibility to experiment with ideas that aren't simple "guided tours". I think I still prefer Twine's approach for putting stories together, but I do wish there was an interpreted version so I could use my own editors and feed it a Markdown document, instead of needing to use their mouse-driven editor

What was the name of your first tabletop character?

Mine was Kalten Ranagi, he wanted to collect enough stories to write a book about himself

happy international non-binary people day

software request 

I want a "log roll utility, but for my documents"

- I have personal documents scattered around my filesystem
- They cannot be moved, they must remain where they are
- I am willing to upkeep a list of globs that it should check
- If I edit a document, I want the utility to notice when it is run and make a copy of the file with the date in the filename
(For example, it notices that "foo.txt" changed today, so it makes a copy of "foo.txt" as "foo.20220712.txt")
- This will be running on Windows 10

This feels like something similar to a log rolling utility, and I know how to build it, but I'm interested to see if there are any existing solutions that I can adopt or learn from. Do you know of any?

why do they call it a peloton and not a bike chain

"my static site generator is broken" statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged

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reading raw html websites makes me want to drop everything and go none css left html

they're so beautiful

what sound does a synth furry make? 


It's alright to be bad at stuff. Sometimes it's just a hobby, and not something you want to do as "your thing". Sometimes your just bad at it, but still like to putter around. That's cool! It makes you more interesting!

type of queer who refuses to say "go straight"

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