Q: What does this cover, exactly?
A: These codes are for 100% off, including shipping. You pay nothing. I have codes for stickers and stickers+lanyards.

Q: Do I have to prove-
A: No. Just tell me if you want a sticker, or sticker+lanyard.

Q: Can I get a bunch?
A: Take what you need. I'll get more.

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(Boosts welcome. If you want to help get more codes, that's also welcome.)

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I can now offer you a 100% code for stickers and +lanyards, completely free of charge, shipping included.

I don't need anything from you except a DM.
If you would benefit from this, DM me.


For those who have challenges standing on public transit, this sticker can help let your fellow riders know that you have an invisible disability and need a seat. The sticker goes directly on your transit card and is meant for wearing your transit card with a lanyard.


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The itch.io bundle 

protest equipment 

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