To drivers it's just a little 📯

But to all the other road users it's 💥💀😱🔪📢💣😡

Stop using your horn. You don't need it, you never do. Stop trying to yell at everyone and spend the time avoiding or waiting

oh no I thought of a high effort shitpost


why do they call it a peloton,, when you pelot-on the tempo and push pelotoff the front??

plants are such cool little chemical engines


lol, border patrol just called me a faggot

I've figured it out. The reason Canada feels weird to me is because people are used to being nice. There's no baseline standoffishness like in the US. People expect to be able to talk to people, in public, as strangers

I miss my bike
you've only been away two days

Interesting. I have always heard that roundabouts are safer than other intersections, especially for pedestrians, because drivers are moving slower and more consistently, and non-car traffic has a shorter crossing distance. I wonder if I can get good data to support this claim

> Roundabouts make up only 0.6% of the 575,000 intersections in the Netherlands but some 12% of all accidents involving bikes or e-bikes happen on one.

just watched the crane operator flip the cab open and *sprint* down the arm to spray water at some crows???

the Unicode consortium really needs a wider range of goth themed emoji.

💀 ah yes, the sounds of the city
🍀 construction and cops?

"how many shreks did we wind up getting?"

random ergonomic data:
an "open" grip is around 8cm
a "closed" grip is around 3cm

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