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The Pedaling Relief Project updated their volunteer website to dynamically show places that could use your help, and where we have had generosity

It is easier than ever to find a time, place, and way to volunteer your efforts to help our community get access to food, hygiene supplies, and other needs, or to help rescue food from farmer's markets and grocery stores :boost_ok:

"systemic" bigotry 

the only ways to change this are:

1. violent revolt by 🅱 people

2. 🅰 people realizing they are contributing to the problem by simply existing as a complacent 🅰 person, and intentionally siding with 🅱 people

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"systemic" bigotry 

systemic bigotry isn't 🅰 people threatening 🅱 people

systemic bigotry isn't 🅰 people banning 🅱 people from being somewhere

*systemic bigotry* is all those tiny ways that make existing as a 🅱 person harder, more expensive, more cumbersome, more trouble. But because 🅱 people don't have a majority of the vote, they cannot change the rules, and it doesn't affect the majority 🅰 people, so it never changes

pro tip: thigh highs keep falling down? get some pantyhose or tights and sew (or glue) them in place

Do you wonder what trying out various service-level jobs is like, and would you be happy if there was a way to be a garbage collector, postal worker, librarian, etc. for a day?

Remember "The Big List of RPG Plots" by S. John Ross that had been hosted and rehosted on a bunch of sites as link rot took hold?

The author is expanding and improving it, and it's on!

All movie series must now use the same name. No edits, subtitles, or numbers allowed. Release year only

"Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi"? You mean "Star Wars (1983)"

"The Fate of the Furious"? You mean "The Fast and The Furious (2017)"

"Spectre"? You mean "Dr. No (2015)"

reminder that OfferUp refuses to take action on listings of stolen bikes, even when they're blatantly obvious and have been reported by dozens of people

Seattle Queer History Bike Tour

In partnership with MoPOP and Cascade Bicycle Club, Certified Ride Leader and Historian Bob Svercl will lead a group of riders on a 5.6 mile bike tour from Capitol Hill through Pioneer Square to MoPOP, stopping at historic and iconic sites around Seattle while hearing stories and learning about Seattle’s LGBTQIA+ history.

Sunday, August 15, 12pm-4pm

Seattle, heatwave, cycling for your community! 

> Pedaling Relief Project volunteers,
> An extreme heatwave is hitting the Seattle area over the next 5 days. With temperatures expected to rise to nearly 100 degrees we need your pedaling support to ensure that everyone has 24hour access to clean drinking water during this trying time.
> To respond to this heatwave turned public health emergency our goal is to stock all 130 Little Free Pantries and Community Fridges in the Seattle area with bottles of water or juice on Wednesday through Saturday (August 11th through the 14th).
> Much of the bottled water that we will be using to stock pantries with will be coming from our partner food banks and there are 5pm to 7pm evening pickup times for most days and in most of the different areas of the Seattle, White Center, and Burien that we need support in.

oh my god we get it already, you're bad at saying goodbye. weren't you talking about it being your last fantasy like ten fantasies ago?

🍀 I don't want a gender
🇺🇸 You must have a gender
🍀 Okay, I'd like to form a corporation
🇺🇸 Sure
🍀 This corporation will represent me in all things
🇺🇸 Of course
🍀 Does the corporation have a gender?
🇺🇸 No, they're j- waaaait a minute

Something @dialupdoll said really stuck with me

People are never an edge case in a system
If people are an "edge case", your system is bad

Systems exist for people to use, about things people care about. If they can't handle what people are, they're bad

it would be great if we, as a society, can take all of our frustration around the fact that communicating through masks, around barriers, and behind walls is hard

take all that difficulty and stress, and realize that's what deaf people, blind people, autistic people, people with auditory processing issues, etc. have to deal with every day

and try to think about how to communicate better

Puget Sound, wildfire information 

If you're in the Puget Sound region, is the same view as but with a much tighter view, so it loads faster

everybody's always like "oh catboys!, oh they're sooo cute!" and then forget about cleaning the litter box and holding the door open just so they can change their mind and keeping fresh scratch pads around so they don't tear up your couch

environmentalism, climate change 

8 Sasan Umpp, India (Coal)
9 Yonghungdo, South Korea (Coal)
10 Hekinan, Japan (Coal)

(Sorry, I accidentally chopped the list)

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