When an indented line of code is followed by an indented empty line, that empty line's indentation should be...

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re: getting bike affordances 

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getting bike affordances 

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There are three "levels" you could participate in:

1. Do it all during the zero hour!
2. Do it all in one hour that is more accessible for you!
3. Do it all whenever you want, because the point is to have fun!

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is coming up this weekend!

At 2am on November 1st, the clocks will be set back to 1am, which gives you a "free hour" to make something neat, if you want

Annual reminder that daylight savings time is *not* because of "farming or something", it is expected to reduce the use of energy for lighting because it makes better use of the daylight *during the summer*

The spring is when DST *starts*
The autumn is when DST *ends*

Personally, I think we should always have +1


November is WABikes "Ride in the Rain" challenge

There's no big race or any major responsibility, but this is a chance to get on your bike during the rainiest month of the year

The goal is to see what works, see what doesn't, and see how much you might actually enjoy it



tip about voting 

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