November is WABikes "Ride in the Rain" challenge

There's no big race or any major responsibility, but this is a chance to get on your bike during the rainiest month of the year

The goal is to see what works, see what doesn't, and see how much you might actually enjoy it



tip about voting 

hey did you know you can have vertical rulers with custom colors in vscode?


You can even let some of them be the default theme color by mixing integers with objects in the array

Writing a document? Check your color contrast
contrast-ratio.com/ (by the excellent Lea Verou)

Vision accessibility is vitally important

Washington state cycling (+++++) 

vaccines logistics reminder 

Genshin Impact pro tech tip! 

public transit fares 

Gender doesn't depend on your bits

In other words,

They don't sell genderfluid at the hardware store

web engineering 

punks didn't make distressed jeans cool by waiting for it to become "acceptable"

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let people play

we never stop wanting to
capitalism just tells us not to
and society echoes it

sex work is like acting
sex work is like writing
sex work is like education
sex work is like fitness

sex work is *work*

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