Why are users "shitposting" on my serious internet website?

online school is the worst. most of my teachers are just kinda putting their computers in front of them while they teach in-person, you can't hear them

very glad for the existence of things like crash course

p r e s e n t d a y p r e s e n t t i m e ahahahahahahahaha

cyberpunk is a dystopian aesthetic. the fact that our world is tending toward it (and fast) is an overwhelmingly bad thing

considering making vegan sausage gravy nd biscuits tomorrow

I can see why cis people get so stuck on gender

A fucking hat assigns them Gryffindor and they take that to the grave

the dystopia is coming much faster than i'd like it to

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im genuinely terrified of the consequences of allowing companies like spacex, blue origin, etc. to be at the forefront of space travel

will it just be fodder for the wealthy, escaping to the stars while leaving the rest of us to rot on a dying planet?

crying while thinking about the future we could have had but capitalism destroyed

dont @

what if i told you that tax evasion was my love language


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