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Thought I can finally remove php from my laptop but I have another group project for college to create and guess what technology stack was chosen by my group

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So to make Qt application written in Python I still have to read all the docs using C++? Nice

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If you’re a developer in 2021 and you’re adding tracking devices from Google, Facebook, etc., to your sites and apps, the one thing you can’t do any longer is to feign innocence. You know exactly what you’re doing and you’re complicit in perpetuating surveillance capitalism.

I know I wasn’t active here for some time but there’s a reason, also I came back just to tell one sentence: jebać pis

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Can't stop laughing since I saw this. 🤣

Definitively the best idea I had for #Sengi. 😶

Ta inba z banowanie trumpa i apek od alt-rightowych social mediów spóźniła się o 5 lat

Is USA furry? I didn’t suspect walmart of selling Beastars

It’s sad that favouriting thing in activitypub can possibly not federate to the author of specific post

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Job advertisement (Work with me!) 

I wanted to put this out there. If you're a software engineer with skills in Javascript and React, you should come work with me:

I've been working here for nearly 10 years now, and I'm so happy with it, both technically and in the inclusion space.

I founded the Trans group at the company, and have been blown away by the way everyone has responded to us, even when we're challenging them to do better.

two followers left to gain round number of 256

Every time I've got an alert from network inaccessibility from somewhere around the world it's always telia. Literally always

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Google workers announced their intention to form a union, under the auspices of CWA Local 1440. The union is called The Alphabet Workers Union (Google maintains the legal and accounting fiction that it is a division of a holding company called "Alphabet").

Speaking of legal fictions, the union is opening membership to "TVCs" - temps, vendors and contractors - employees who have deliberately misclassified so as to avoid paying them benefits or extending normal workplace protections to them.


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