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First legit snow. Building a snowman done successfully. Who cares that it was half past one

Got a strong urge to just get in the car and go nowhere

tfw modified query in grafana kills your browser's tab

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It’s even worse because it’s raining right now

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tfw you are accustomed to use 1Gb/s Internet connection and come back to parents place with 10Mb/s over the radio

Maybe I should try to give a second chance to dark souls

how did I created deep scratch on my thinkpad!? :blobfearful:

New Dezerter's album is coming 29th of January: "Kłamstwo to nowa prawda"

Last video from Nawalny should be used as a great example of how to hack government agencies.

I thought I wouldn't have the urge to have full valve bass amp but the AD200B has more low-end than my OB1

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5 Radical Ways People Do Non-Monogamy That You Need to Know About

(a comic from I added image captions to)

:betterpride_flag: :flag_polyamory:

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First day after the vacations and I’m drunk. That was fast

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PSA: #DingDash (dingdash[.]com) seems to be a religion-friendly (can you guess which religion though?) #Mastodon instance.

Its admin seems unfamiliar with the how fediverse works:

And its users "prefer it to Parler and Gab" because it's "less buggy":

I smell trouble.

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