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turning writing tropes upside-down:

some dude: wow, you sure know a lot about cars

girl protagonist: yeah, I grew up with three older brothers

dude: oh?

protagonist: yeah -- and none of them know which end of a wrench is which, I was fixing their cars before I could drive

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good people of fediverse. i would like to set up a fediverse instance but do not want to spend 2 GB of RAM for just me and a couple friends. Mostly I just want arbitrary custom emojis haha

1) Considering running Pleroma for this reason, but apparently Pleroma is cancelled? The software itself doesn't seem so bad to me, but if the devs are bad, does that make its users guilty by association? A lot of the instances are bad too, but why do we need to paint all of them in a bad light?

2) Are my RAM concerns unfounded? Can't seem to find system requirements for Mastodon listed anywhere.


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Did another mbti test and turns out I'm still an intj. Last take was few years ago, something could have change, but no

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This month you can support EFF without even opening your wallet. Vote for us today to help EFF get a larger piece of @CREDOMobile's $150,000 donation pie!

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nintendoland declaring sovereignty like: wii the people

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Are there any cloudflare alternatives worth considering? Looking for them in personal usage perspective only

Are there any cloudflare alternatives worth considering? Looking for them in personal usage perspective only

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Day 50 of #Belarus protests. It's just simply impossible to not respect & love these people.


Russian and Lukashenka's propagandists repeat the same: the protest is fading out. But it doesn't seem to be true. 2 hours ago it was a few thousand, now the crowd is huge. Chants are getting more and more aggressive towards Luka, he is being called "the rat" now.


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Are you tired of your code crashing?

Are you attempting to index a nil value and it just won't work?

(There's got to be a better way!)


Nilism makes nil a first class value, allowing ALL operations on it to work!

Just `require "nilism"` and you're good to go!

(Since I started using nilism, my code has become 500% more efficient, with ZERO crashes!)

Don't take our word for it, try it today for FREE!

Nilism: no gods, no crashes, only nil!

I have to do a project using jquery, whyyyy

I don't believe I managed to wake up before 8am

but now it does not work with the password I provided for registration

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whole morning wasted on trying to login to university's office365 account with access to m$ teams and it turns out they created completely new tenant account there changing our mail from `studenci` na `student` 🤦‍♂️

aaaaaaaa, kde does not see my usb headset :<

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Gonna take few days of at work just for hacktoberfest I think. I have only one weekend of free time at october ._.

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