But when it comes to social media I am active mostly here

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What's funny, these times I'm more active than I am sober. Especially here

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I think I shouldn't have access to the internet when I'm drunk

@mdszy "Delete", I think should use "show" or *display" and I count their cli too

@mdszy Based on my experience you can't delete dns entries and s3 objects when you have them in a little more they predicted you can have

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digitalocean is super great y'all

i visit my dashboard page

it lets me in without logging in, session still valid i guess?

i go to my networking page to delete some dns entries

delete the ones i want to delete, they get stuck on "Deleting..." for a long time

refresh the page, get prompted to log in

log in, delete the entries, it works instantly


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zeroplug: thinkpad t495, personal desktop
cyberduck: rpi 4

I finally got a telecaster but with split-coil humbuckers, so it's my first electic guitar! :ameowbongo:

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After selling all of my Korg volca synths there is now budget for a new instrument, stay tuned :ameowbongo:

College semester is gone but 8 hour work day returned and I am still tired

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ok so i just learned that not everyone sees lines from lights at night? my mind is blown?
(i have major astigmatism both eyes)

Who the fuck sends linkedin invitation on sunday night

@bclindner monetization of death strikes again, check how

I hate sleeping too much. It always feels like a hangover after waking up

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