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witamy w polsce, wałek goni wałek, ale jak ktoś potrzebuje pomocy, to niech se kupi he he he

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First running since highschool and I'm dead. My physical condition has got so bad over the years of smoking and very little exercises that I did not even last 30 minutes...

Week rescued, found another pair of headphones

oh god, I forgot a cable to my headphones

Ended up with orange ob1, but I didn't expect it to be so big irl

school books shopping continued:
650zł (~$180) for books and it is not even everything, while 1920zł (~$510) is what most of the people earns here in Poland
fucking shithole

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@BadAtNames shit situation. Are you sure it's not something repairable?

@BadAtNames Remap the caps lock key to shift, should be usable

Website pop-up: "The book you have added to the cart has just sold out." fuck.

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Looking for textbooks few days after beginning of the school is pain in the ass. Everything sold out everywhere

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