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Also, I will not transfer my follows and followers by any automated mechanism. I want to clear up this account from follows that were inactive or were made before the account was set to private. If we're mutuals please send follow request, I should resend my follows later this day, but I still can overlook someone :blobsad:

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I don't want to be alarmist, but google lens is good enough that it can help dox you. all it takes is for a building in the background of a photo to have been listed on zillow, then google lens might be able to find it given that section of the pic

Standing desk is not so bad idea after looking at the prices of ergo office chairs

oh, so mastodon app sets posts to followers only by default or is it me who fucked it up :blob_gnikniht:

I've got to equip my setup with a webcam but I've also got a feeling that those new ones have only higher resolution but the quality is still shitty af like those ones from 10 years ago

Trying to have a healthy sleep schedule 2022 challenge

boating is good and fun but now I'm sunburned all over my body :blobsad:

I'm never gonna get myself to the office with that sleep schedule

wow, does being logged in in mastodon even expires? I mean, I wasn't visiting the site for more than month on this machine but I'm still logged in

So far brown switches are better for me but I only have comparison with red and blue switches only

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