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After selling all of my Korg volca synths there is now budget for a new instrument, stay tuned :ameowbongo:

College semester is gone but 8 hour work day returned and I am still tired

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ok so i just learned that not everyone sees lines from lights at night? my mind is blown?
(i have major astigmatism both eyes)

Who the fuck sends linkedin invitation on sunday night

I hate sleeping too much. It always feels like a hangover after waking up

"Hejterska 4" is best radio broadcast.
Change my mind.

Most recent archive from it:
Shitty Flute ✔️
Speed Core ✔️
Synthesia Piano Rolls ✔️
Fucked up remixes ✔️
Umpa umpa ✔️
Demoscene ✔️

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lost my job because covid i guess. this year is just the worst. if you know of a good place looking for remote devops folks, throw it my way. 😞

Turns out I have two more days, so I can play on xbox

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You call it a hackathon. I call it last day of deadline to hand over a project for classes.

What do I expected from a pdf downloaded from about agile methodologies? Calling SCRUM a methology is the first error and last I would see from it. Closed, removed, forget

o w mordę, ktoś przerobił "Gothic Prawdziwa Historia" i zamiast ivony są wyrobione nagrania dialogów przez AI

Why files for the guitar nuts are so expensive? Set of four is priced higher than my first ever bass guitar

it would be nice to become local luthier

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