Turned out that switch was trying to set the same ip that router have to itself...

Finally wired all internet connection on places that use most data but it turns out that xbox losts randomly connection and my ISP throttles speed to 100Mb/s when I have 700Mb/s in the papers 😩

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me and @kaniini basically rewrote myhtmlex from scratch and it's faster than any other html parser that can be used in elixir. check it out https://hexdocs.pm/fast_html/readme.html

So many books to read but so little time to finish them all and money to buy them

Wonder of the day:
Does having CI in project is so rare that companies are writing them down in job offers as a something to be proud of?

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We did it! We came together as a community and met our fundraising goal to defend software freedom from patent litigation.
Next up comes the hard part - winning this lawsuit and setting precedent. Stay tuned for updates as we progress forward


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it is fundamentally not okay to say "don't use as:Public" when the alternative is completely broken. that's simply deflection.

it is fundamentally not okay to say that a bunch of people who didn't want their messages to go to some instance are "snowflakes" when they are told that instance blocking makes an instance go away forever.

it is fundamentally not okay to say that security features do not need to exist in a protocol when people are sharing some of the most intimate moments of their lives with their friend group. what if it is *your* friends, *your* family doing this? would you care about security then?


Wonder how long it will take to move out back to the small city or countrysite. Big city is great with community meetups and more job opportunities but I'm more efficient at home office and there is too many cons of staying at metropoly

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I started to monitor traffic from PKP's app and looks like it's gonna be fun

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I thought Spotify have awful client but on linux it is even worse

How do people find place in open source projects for themselves?

High performance ARM based laptops when?

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