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"while(crying) dropsometears();"

submitted by MindlessCritic

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"A classic comic modified for DevOps engineers"

submitted by Mustard_Dimension

Well, I guess this autumn belongs to electric guitar. Don't have an inspiration for bass recently

Changed my linkedin profile description to one sentence which states the requirement to use one specific word in direct messages for my attention and...

No one used it yet. At this point, I think I should just remove the profile as it is only a spam mailbox

Wearing slippers in the office is awesome. I regret not doing it earlier

Roundwound strings on bass are fun only for the first four weeks :blobfrowningbig:

So, I got a warning from Facebook for an old comment containing a link.

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Ah, one of my yearly highlights:

„The Finalists of The 2021 #Comedy #Wildlife #Photography #Awards Have Been Announced!“

... and „they’re bound to make your day brighter.“

#fun #foto #SadAndUseless #funny #animals

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Playing first Psychonauts before touching the sequel and I only regret not playing it before

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:weed: 🔫 🏳️‍🌈 

you can help by expanding this

Btw. It's third time in a row there is something fucked with my order in this shop

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Store send only one of two studio monitor stands :blobtired:

Forgot to save after 3h of playing first quake :blobsad:

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Dukat: I possess your spine my friend.
Ezri: Did you mean 'I got your back'?
Dukat: Yes that.

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onion satire, possibly triggering, demonic, class violence 

Hey, the Onion posted a pretty good weather report on New York some time ago.

It really seems to me that "satire" has just become an excuse to say out loud what people are already thinking.

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