wtf, is 2022 too late for coming up with something with some sense? Everything is taken already :blobsad:

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Looking for a new nickname is always hard af

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Please, stop my brain from thinking about getting FM synthesizer :blobtired:

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Wonderful that as a gay man and a gamer, I now knowingly have to help fund a state that arrests and kills people for being gay if I want to play video games. Cheers for that, gaming executives.

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So, it's nothing wrong with that Consul cluster. They just changed metrics and their behaviour 🙃

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jokes aside, why this consul cluster still shows unhealthy status in metrics but in api it is healthy :thinking_fire:

> break the thing
> learn about the thing
> repair the thing

There is no other way around to learn about the thing

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Becoming brain dead for the rest of the day

That nap was too short. The classes are still going on

We should have public hammocks available

I'm glad it's only a year until the end of my experiences with universities but I'm also tired that it's still a year of classes to attend to

Incident response at the start of the work always brings some energy for the rest of the day :blobcoffee:

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Lethal and attractive woman 

that would be me, on my twitch stream, building a rootkit for Ukraine

live now:

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