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Hey, #Fediverse, do you use (say, at least once per week) any Mozilla products?

Context: some people are claiming "nobody uses Mozilla's products anymore". I'd like to see if that's actually true.

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Didn't expect Les Paul to be my type of guitar but it turned out so amazing I can't stop playing :ameowbongo:

14 days of free xbox game pass ultimate:

Wut, The Mask comics are so way more brutal than I expected. No wonder why the movie was at first intended to be a horror

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Slowly getting back to technical writing. I'm very overwhelmed by my job and technical things outside it but! As soon as I got fun with a tool I decided to slightly write about it.

YARA for daily analysis

AWS EKS is so shitty done that it is a selling point of ECS

To the girl that went throught a red light today morning - thanks. Now, I have to replace tube in my bike, somehow it broke apart while braking

Selling my telecaster with humbuckers right now with information that I seek more dark and warm sound in the next electric guitar. So far every person who had contacted me offered fenders with single pickups. So everyone has failed reading with understanding test so far

Dzisiaj obchodzimy 40 rocznice próby pokonania bestii z Wadowic

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best 10 minute nap with three hours duration during online classes

that basses from ibanez btb series look great

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