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I'm going to ask every night until someone answers me

where do I find a queer electrician in the seattle area to hire

meta, racism 

if a BIPOC tells you that your behavior is harmful, listen.

hi friends, I'm maruki, a very pixel artist and animator
I'll have to unexpectedly move house very soon, so I'm opening extra commission slots to help me with moving costs
DMs are open. Prices are negotiable. You can reach me in maruki [@]
Retoots are appreciated <3 #pixelart #ドット絵 #mastoart

my partner stumbled on this and I've been thinking about it ever since

after im done with work i think im gonna hook up my p2 desktop with vendor bios and boot into windows 98 ms-dos mode and play around with adlib tracker


i would like to try an misskey instance again

the vmu is cool but the batteries die so fast

i want to play a videogame but the videogame i want to play uses unity which simply Does Not Work on my desktop pc since ~3 months ago for who knows what reason

re: federation, request for assistance 

Just wanted to update everyone on the situation.

It's been over two months since my initial request for assistance or clarification to the contact address on the about page.

One month ago, I added as a CC, stating that the complete lack of a response is unacceptable. You can see all the emails in the thread screenshotted above.

There has been no response from either or I am still blackholed at a user level on

This is different from being blocked, and the feature should not be misused as a block.

I have noticed recently that in addition to this, I am blocked by the admin of and This definitely occurred after the final email in the thread was sent, so unless I find any information suggesting otherwise, I am going to assume that the two events are directly related.


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what if experimental ambient industrial opl-3 chiptune album

the relationship between a tenant and a landlord is inherently adversarial. this applies doubly if either party believes otherwise.


wanna mess around with opl3 music stuff but i am not sure i like the interface of adlib tracker

listening to some opl3 tracks and i've decided that pc games woefully underutilized this chip

i have received suggestions on how to resolve the first one in a better way, even if its not an actual "fix"

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i still have the following bugs to work out:

- coreboot hangs on setting up resources for the pci<->agp bridge (temporary workaround skips this device)

- vga bios initialization doesn't work properly (currently using serial and ethernet to talk to the machine)

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my pentium 2 computer is booted into netbsd...

with coreboot as the firmware

the answer is yes, apparently, and you can do it with factory bios! someone else has done it

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the mastodon instance at is retiring

see the end-of-life plan for details: