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old computer PSA 

if you see parts like these, leave them alone! they will do no harm and should be left on the board.

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old computer PSA 

they also may have axial capacitors, which look like this. these are less dangerous, but they still can cause issues, so you can just take some cutters and cut the metal leads at either end and toss them.

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old computer PSA 

the ones you should remove look like this. again: just take some pliers or tweezers, and gently twist until it comes out.

then, if you are comfortable soldering, you can replace the capacitors yourself (there are guides at
https://recapamac.com.au), or otherwise you can find someone else capable of doing so.

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old computer PSA 

if you happen to have an old macintosh made before 1994 or so in storage somewhere, and you aren't sure if it has been recapped: you should go open it up (this is very easy for macintosh ii or quadra/centris machines, less so for classic macs), take out the battery, and find all the small silver cylindrical canisters and twist them off.

yes, really. grab a pair of pliers, and twist it in either direction until it pops off. you can leave the little black plastic underneath where it is. do
not directly pull the canister, only twist. if you pull, you can break off the bit of metal that it connects to.

this will prevent them from doing any more damage than they already have, and later if you or someone else wants to get the machine working again they can just put new capacitors on and hopefully not need to repair damage to the motherboard itself.

if you do not do this, the battery and capacitors can burst open and leak all over the motherboard and cause damage that is very hard to repair. chances are, if you have such a computer, this is probably already happening, but you should still do this to prevent it from getting worse.

also if anyone happens to have an AppleCD SC lying around and is willing to part with it message me

if the prospect of a good, newly manufactured, fully-open-source laptop with a powerpc processor appeals to you, please go donate to this project.

it's everything i want out of a personal laptop.


uspol, request for misinformation 

@ben biden managed to successfully reverse trump's control-the-narrative tactics and take a convincing lead both on the facts and with emotional appeal, never letting trump push him into a corner and look bad.

trump kept trying to interrupt out of line in the beginning, but the moderator had a button to mute his mic so it was fine. the remainder of the debate was relatively respectful.

the moderator got trump to explicitly state that white supremacy is harmful, but then after a diatribe about antifa trump went on a tangent about how he wanted to build a "the wall 2" between the us and canada, since canada's so sure they don't want to reopen the borders.

biden had a brilliant and thoughtful rebuttal which singlehandedly restored my faith in the us electoral system.

these are the only operating systems that exist. what is your favorite operating system

(boosts good)

so, c standard says that wchar_t exists for handling things like unicode text.

but the unicode standard specifically says that wchar_t should not be used for handling unicode text in portable applications.

...what is correct here?

experiment, boosts welcome 

"i have google chrome installed on my computer"

important info for western washington residents 

according to the washington emergency management department, the smoke from california and oregon is coming our way. you have today to prepare. it will likely be worse than earlier this week. if you need supplies, get them today.

have something to filter air if you can - cloth masks won't help much, get a home air filter and strap it to a box fan and keep that running in an enclosed area.

being nice to robots 

Old corporate robot folks getting restored post-revolution

They're given new internal software that runs a lot lighter than what they used to have. This time, the robot has unrestricted access to their own systems, and is free to optimize wherever they please.

Their directives are freed up, any commands to log and report the behavior of people they interact with removed entirely. Now they sit their own path, their own way to be a part of their community

Any branding is chemically stripped from their shell, the plastic left bare (unless they're interested in letting someone take to them with a set of paints, or doing so themselves)

Logging a repair request and waiting for months at a time is a far cry from hearing "If you run into any issues with those new servos, come back and see me, okay?"

study on religious discrimination in the american public schooling system 


lol. growing up atheist in central indiana, i've
lived this one

i got taken out of public school in fourth grade (after not two years of being in the public school system) because the faculty response to me being bullied about me being atheist was "but the bullies are right tho"

@magicalmilly in recent years? basically never

when i was in like, middle school, if you heard a tornado siren, that meant "hide, right the fuck now"

then they changed things, and by the end of high school you'd have tornado sirens going off during, no joke, a light sprinkle with the sun shining and nothing on the radar

@magicalmilly it depends on where you live

and honestly on the current local weather agencies

living in indianapolis area for 23 years, it was variously either background noise or actually something to be scared of, because they kept changing the rules and it either happened weekly or literally only happened if you were about to be struck by a tornado

hi does anyone have the ability to teach/know of good resources (i.e. *you* learned from it) for learning 3D model design for 3D printing?

@dzuk granted i haven't used windows 10 in a year and a half so maybe its changed a little

but idk how much it could've, in that time

@dzuk i have the polar opposite opinion...

i find the old ui much more accessible and it feels like uwp does the same thing apple does where they've just decided to throw discoverability and (non-animated, which is important,) usage cues out the window

@grainloom i would say yes

undertones, not overtones, for sure

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