@SuricrasiaOnline give that a shot

and then, honestly, i'd contact AMD at that point

@SuricrasiaOnline try going into your UEFI configuration and setting Advanced -> AMD CBS -> Power Supply Idle Control to typical current idle, rather than auto or low

other options to try would be disabling C-state control (also under Advanced->AMD CBS) and, if your system has an option for it, enabling deep sleep (possibly under southbridge configuration)

@SuricrasiaOnline i believe i recommended to you at one point a command line option that disables low power states

this 110% sounds like that very issue

my quake now boots to the menu as long as i have at least 2mb of ram, which isn't bad actually

trying to pare it down even more

@auravulpes i ended up doing this

count=0; for num in $(cat numlog); do count=$(($count+$num)); done; echo $count

i am on a unixlike system. i have a file of numbers, one on each line. i want the sum of these numbers. how do

@lanodan @sir @cyberia idk

in my case it doesn't matter since it requires gtk, which i am also not building

@sir @lanodan @cyberia a large number of source and data files with unclear sources and licenses

several components of chromium have been proven non-free in the past and not all of the codebase has been audited sufficiently since, though some folks are certainly trying

(but it is *massive*)

qtwebengine is considered nonfree for the same reason since it is chromium-based

@sir @lanodan @cyberia

off the top of my head, alpine includes

- an unmodified linux kernel
- chromium
- qtwebengine

all of which the fsf currently considers nonfree without modifications

and in the case of chromium/qtwebengine, there are no fsf-approved modifications or deblobbing scripts

@lanodan @cyberia i mostly only care about it as a sort of "fuck you" to certain opinionated individuals

@lanodan @cyberia also, they depend on gnu coreutils, diffutils, gcc, libgcc-s, and other gnu tools, for self-hosting, so the argument could still be made, in a sense

@cyberia @lanodan partly for the heck of it, partly because the whole "GNU/Linux" argument ticks me off sometimes and i want to have a solid response to it

my dream goal with froebel would be to get it approved by the FSF as a non-gnu distro that respects your freedom and have *zero* question as to whether it is truly non-gnu

@cyberia @lanodan by gnu i don't mean gpl'd code, i mean code that is part of the gnu project - things like coreutils, gcc, binutils, nano, ncurses, diffutils

@lanodan i can count the gnu packages within froebel on one hand

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