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okay. not gonna lie.

this is weird as fuck.

but also strongly preferable to the normal state of things, as far as boot process goes, on a raspberry pi.

my rudimentary test to see if a 3d printed version of this mechanism could even work... seems to be a success

its a little wobbly, but i expected that, know why, and can correct for that in my next test

i may have just added a new player morph for the poltergeist class in a local branch of quake 2 vortex......

i think this is more or less final now, graphically

(also my phone camera doesn't know how to focus on this...)

the green gear is fixed

i still can do better - currently it is only translating the view when you move left to right, there's no rotation - so the gears look like they're on a flat plane floating above the texture

found a public domain texture and figured out how to render it behind the gears and it makes it so the hologram effect is actually apparent on camera

also at some point i somehow introduced a bug that made the green gear render wrong and i dont know how

it is extremely hard to capture on camera but i assure you that this is being vaguely 3d at me

it works in 2d without any real configuration

however it automatically downscales the 2k image to whatever resolution each individual viewable frame is

very interested to get a 3d hologram image out of this thing

bad ui 

i just updated riot and it is called element now.

it shows this dialog.

i explicitly do not wish to learn more.

how do i close this dialog without learning more?

look at my front entryway isn't it neat


the players will rarely if ever see it from this angle. or possibly much of any angle.

that doesn't matter, i made it look nice anyway

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