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uspol, request for misinformation 

wasn't even aware that there was a debate going on

same request as usual: tell me what happened in the debate, but don't tell me the truth


uspol, request for misinformation 

@ben biden managed to successfully reverse trump's control-the-narrative tactics and take a convincing lead both on the facts and with emotional appeal, never letting trump push him into a corner and look bad.

trump kept trying to interrupt out of line in the beginning, but the moderator had a button to mute his mic so it was fine. the remainder of the debate was relatively respectful.

the moderator got trump to explicitly state that white supremacy is harmful, but then after a diatribe about antifa trump went on a tangent about how he wanted to build a "the wall 2" between the us and canada, since canada's so sure they don't want to reopen the borders.

biden had a brilliant and thoughtful rebuttal which singlehandedly restored my faith in the us electoral system.

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