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Do people actually get nervous about tornado warnings

I used to get them once a week in college.

They're just.... Background noise.

@magicalmilly it depends on where you live

and honestly on the current local weather agencies

living in indianapolis area for 23 years, it was variously either background noise or actually something to be scared of, because they kept changing the rules and it either happened weekly or literally only happened if you were about to be struck by a tornado

@ky0ko yeah. I loved in southern Indiana for a decade.

When ARENT there sirens????


@magicalmilly in recent years? basically never

when i was in like, middle school, if you heard a tornado siren, that meant "hide, right the fuck now"

then they changed things, and by the end of high school you'd have tornado sirens going off during, no joke, a light sprinkle with the sun shining and nothing on the radar

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@ky0ko the sirens would go off, I'd look outside and the sun would be shining.

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